Singaporean woman Evelyn Sng opened her heart, went on Facebook and poured it all out

TL;DR – “So I am not born with a silver spoon…” and bravely, she talked about her life story, her work and her family.

Came across a Facebook post by an Evelyn Sng and even though Facebook page Singapore Matters has also republished it to some 800 shares, I’ll just share it again here too.

I love how the post touches almost every aspect of our lives, from how we make a living, to healthcare, to housing, to education, to CPF and to political leadership. Singaporeans born in the 60s, 70s and even 80s can probably relate to Evelyn’s story. In fact, her story can almost be our story, the Singapore story.

Not enough people realise that while BBT is love, politics is life.

Politics is more deeply entwined in our everyday lives than you know. When policies are made, it affects every aspect of our lives.

Here’s Evelyn’s story

Long Post Ahead…. pls bear with me.

Let’s be open minded abt this.. I been reading the negatives online for past few days… honestly… I am unable to comprehend the anger behind these people.. putting aside possibility of foreign interference. Perhaps we can have an open discussion. Abit of my background story might help to understand my point of view.

I am a middle aged working lady with only O level cert when I entered the workforce in 1996. My started salary was $570 and till date, It is around $4k in the same company. My dad works 3 jobs and my mum was a seamstress to support a family of 5. We stayed in a 3 room flat in AMK. So I am not born with a silver spoon. Throughout the yrs, we progress slowly to 4 room then to the executive HDB now.

Main complaints from the masses.

1) Graduate not able to find jobs as with our local singaporeans. All high pay jobs goes to FT PMET.

Like I said, I stayed in my same job for 24+ years. I do not take MC nor am I calculative with the job assignments. It doesn’t matter if I do more than the rest. At the end of the day, self satisfaction is mine.

My Elder sis lost her job as a recruiter at the onset of covid19. Within a week, she found a job. More work and responsibilities, salary compromised abit. But she got a job. she is 46 this yr.

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My younger sis also returned to SG from her london posting (5 yrs) in Apr20 together with her husband and baby. She stayed in her same job but her husband has to resign from his as they do not have local posting for him. It took him 1 mth.. and he got a job too. I didn’t ask abt the salary.

I login to Workfare sites, e2i etc to take a look, on 18th June, there were 23000 jobs available. For jobs below $4k, there were no Applications. For jobs with salary above $4k significantly more applicants. And it is not lowly jobs as wat people was complaining abt. so… is it really so difficult for SG to find jobs? Some were complaining that grads are now driving grab.. but y dun they go in and submit the applications and try? If you are really desperate for a job, then select those with slightly low starting pay… and work ur way up.

Progress Singapore Party (PSP) needs to be schooled on CECA and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)?

2) Medical expenses is too high/unaffordable

I had a preterm labour in 2012.My daughter was 2 mths premature and weight 1.4kg hence she has to be admitted to KKH NICU AND ICU for more than a mth. I was initially under KKH private suite ( class A patient). But when my water bag broke at 7 mths, KKH automatically downgraded me to C class.

Their explanation to me was, U only gonna stay here for maximum2 nites. But your baby bills will be tagged to the class of your room. Thanks to them, I only paid less than $300 for both me and my daughter.

In 2013, unfortunately, I had stage 3 womb cancer, Again, my medisave/shield/subsidies helped tremendously. I didn’t go broke paying for the medical Bills in cash.

My aunt is a 77 yr old retiree. Uneducated and wasn’t highly paid when she was still working. She retired at 65. Her health is not fantastic.. so she kept going in and out of hospitals and polyclinic. Whenever I asked how much is her bill. she always said the same thing.. I never come out a single cent. free leh.

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So is our medical really that unaffordable? At least in my family case.. with 2 high costs illness, I still feel it is very heavily subsidised and I didn’t come out much in cash.

3) Zero value HDB. It is not an investment.

when I first got married 10 yrs ago, I already accumulated close to 200k in my cpf. combined with my husband’s cpf, we bought a mansionette at a low price near to my mil place. it was around 30 yrs old when we bought it, and when we sold it 2 yes ago… we make a very healthy profit as we had paid off the HDB loan in 5 years. and we downgraded to a 4room near to my parents this time rd and it is fully paid as well. My locations is not fantastic matured or prime area. so how can it 0 value?

My aunt oso took the HDB scheme to sell her 4Rm to HDB and move into a smaller 3 room flat with my uncle. It gives her extra cash and she have lesser housework to do.

Our HDB is the Reason We Don’t Riot Like Hong Kong

4) Education

Is it really that unaffordable? Does it mean that if u go to top school, your future is brighter?

My neighbour son was in neighbourhood pri and sec school. went to JC .. then he got a scholarship and he went to London to further his studies. his future seems bright.. of cos when he comes back, he has to sign the bond… but hey.. I see it as job security.

My younger sis took a no interest bank loan to finance her own uni fees and she repaid the loan when she started working. within 6 mths. so is it really that expensive?

Some complained that our uni entrance is too difficult for singaporeans to enter, and said our uni prefers to take in foreign students. I always tot they have a quota for admission for foreign students. No? On the other hand, if our uni entrance was made easy for locals to enter, then wat credibility does this uni have in world standings?

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5) CPF

My dad got his at 55. At 65 he opt not to withdraw out and instead leave it inside for interest. He withdraws it out when he needs the money.

I checked mine… in 10 yrs time.. 55, I can also collect mine… There is a online calculator for u to calculate. . so wat is the issue? y did they kept saying they can’t take it out at 55?? Of cos this boils down to how much u have in your cpf at 55.

Lifelong critic of the PAP government says, “CPF is good for you goondus”

6 ) 4G

Am I the only one that saw the improvements since last election?

Last election, they said MPs all lost touch with the ground. Not listening to the ground grievances etc. For the past few yrs.. They did!

Alot that has been implemented, introduced. .. was from the feedback on ground. seniors medical Bills, they came up with chas. special needs children, they introduced allied educators to all schools in SG. MRT, they have mostly solved the issue.

Foreigners, they tightened the policy. Honestly speaking, it is really NOT easy to get sg PR nor citizenship. My friend waited almost 8 yrs and he is still waiting. In the meanwhile, he is still paying taxes.

I worked with “foreign talents” in a tech company. Here’s my experience

So no one else can see the improvement?

No one else can see our country position internationally? No one else feels the benefits except me?

Any tots anyone? Is it cos I m the fortunate few that gets to experience the benefits but the rest out there is suffering?

Why did PSP Tan Cheng Bock jio SDP Paul Tambyah to challenge PAP Chan Chun Sing to debate on national TV?


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  • Xam says:

    Well, it’s bullshit when other can’t get a job. Don’t go aiming for high salary that’s the point. Work up your position in the company and u will get there 1 day. Is matter of u want or not.

  • Tan GH says:

    1) Some graduates are somewhat delusional in expecting the director’s pay and all the 5Cs immediately. Hirers have experienced difficulty in hiring them – no show upon agreement to engage them, expecting everything to be cushy once they graduate, etc. Perhaps we should follow the USA where every one starts from the mail room until they prove themselves.
    2) When a person is very or terminally ill, it makes logical sense to put them in lower class wards based on affordability. We were also able to afford the cost. The airconditioning is also way too cold for long term stay when one is ill. But some in the name of being filial tries to put them in A class or private hospitals, then it can be trying especially with the current situation of a couple bearing cost for 4 elders plus the cost of their own kids.
    3) Some bought houses that are 30 years old to be close to their parents. By the time they want to sell the house after 20 years, the value is not there. There are also people that tries to sell their late parent’s property and could hardly do so as there are no takers for the short leases left. In that case, you still have some small value by returning the flat to HDB. Then again you are leasing the property that provides you with a roof, not unlike a tenant/landlord situation for a room. Does the tenant expect to keep that room forever or have value after staying there having paid rent for it. We have 99 years lease which is not bad compared to 60 years in other countries. It is not an investment property and should not be solely deemed as that.
    4) Foreigners pay through their nose to be in a government school and they don’t have a choice of school except international schools. Our kids are open to scholarship when they go overseas to study but foreign students cannot get scholarship to study here in Singapore. This is actually one way our government hope to entice the brilliant students overseas to study and hopefully work and stay here as citizens since there is not enough kids.
    5) CPF – better control the release but should be less rigid at times on a special case basis, etc, terminal illness. Too many suddenly rich elderlies squandering their monies in a year or two and having affairs causing family and social issues.
    6) 4G – Not all effective. Being forewarned by an NGO of a potential spread of the virus in a cramped place, why is there no quick action. A stitch in time saves nine thus follow the high cost to “right” the situation. The workers dare not even voice out their complains to their employers, and the minister said not one worker asked for an apology. I feel the statement shows arrogance in dismissing an opposition’s query and being out of touch and hopelessly not delivering her KPI. We need the old guards to save our mrt after Cleopatra just earned the money and leave it to other equally non efficient CEO.
    7) PSP – Why all the sudden change of laws to keep Dr Tan out? What are they afraid of? For this reason alone, it would be good to see Dr Tan back in Parliament.

  • ashdeck says:

    Care to elaborate how u amassed 200k in cpf in 14 years (1996 till when you got married in 2010) based on your salaries?

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