Grandma always knows best! Yes, even about coronavirus COVID-19!

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TL;DR – So much gem in this video, and so much love for this Italian grandma!

Have you watched this video yet? Since I last checked, it has crossed over 2m views and the views are still climbing.

Old is indeed gold, and I guess it’s the same everywhere: Grandma always knows best! Yes, including the Italian ones!

This chirpy and super-chill grandma dishes out eight suggestions to deal with coronavirus, COVID-19, and they are all gold!


Here’s the list of the eight suggestions, but you really really really need to watch the video to feel the goodness!

Grandma’s suggestions on Corona Virus

#1 You have to wash your hands!

Quite funny what she said, “Is this news? I’ve told you so many times, ‘Have you washed your hands?’ It is not because of Corona Virus, you just have to wash your hands.”

#2 When you sneeze, you have to sneeze into your elbow. It is not because of Corona Virus, but because it is being polite. 

She even did the dab!

#3 Don’t hug and kiss when we meet.

Basically, minimise contact when we socialise. She ermmm suggested winking and then she started winking, LOL!

#4 Let’s not discriminate ethnic groups

Remember: Corona Virus goes away, discrimination stays. There’s no vaccine.

#5 Take advantage for the 14-day quarantine. 

She said to use the time to do what you like, like watching an TV episode, or do what you need to do, like cleaning, LOL!

#6 During this period, we have to give up some habits.

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Everyone has to do their duty. Yes, we’re all stuck in some old ways, and we probably need to give up some old habits and take up some new ones, especially in the sense of better hygiene, etc.

#7 It’s not like you can just read something online and now you’re all scientists.

This is so true! So many people have been reading up about viruses and stuff, and everyone seems to think they’re now experts!

Grandma was saying if reading online is all it takes to be a scientist, then all of her nephews would have degrees! She advised to listen to the medical doctors or to Grandma, hurhur.

Because where medicine cannot do anything, civilisation can.

#8 Don’t panic. Don’t panic-buy.

And one sorta hidden message in this last advice is to share stuff and help one another during this difficult time!

What a wonderful way to start a new work week, with advice from a cool Grandma.


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