“Shy random person” tells a father-mother-son-daughter story that makes me tear a little

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TL;DR – Cos really, somebody’s father, mother, son, daughter is out there somewhere doing what we are not.

I have a friend, let’s call him Bill.

In real life, he doesn’t look that shy or act that coy. But he sure is a nice boy with a very nice smile. And oh, he does a rather mean impersonation of our dear Senior Minister Tharman too!

Anyway, I caught a series of Instagram stories from Bill earlier today and the storytelling’s so good I nearly felt a tear towards the end. Bill’s Instagram account is private, so I slid him a DM to ask if I could “steal” those stories for a story here. He gamely said OK, but he also asked me not to credit source and just say it’s from some random person.

Because, he shy. #giggles

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Now for a bit of backstory.

Bill told me that he was at the airport today (8 Feb, Saturday) and he saw friends and families sending off the Scoot crew who were on THAT flight to Wuhan. He thought he saw one of the crew’s aunty cry.

So he was triggered, and it got to him, so he started typing away on Instagram as he went home.

“We really need to behave like what we say. Cos really, somebody’s father, mother, son, daughter is out there somewhere doing what we are not.”

“We are beyond 4 masks. Beyond sanitisers.”

Now I am triggered #sobs


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