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SWAG is a two-way content-exchange messaging app that allows users to create, publish and potentially earn money for their exclusive photos and videos.

Or so they said. If you asked me I say this is just a sex-platform.

Set up in 2017, the pay-to-view social messaging application service is the number one mobile amateur adult social platform in Asia with more than 1.5 million registered users and over 1,000, ahem, content creators from Asian models to girls from Spain and beyond.

No surprise there. Sex always sells.

Who’s on SWAG?

Swag stars and influencers, who are more commonly known as SWAGGERS.

What’s so interesting about SWAG?

Aside from the contents, of course.

  • Top Swaggers can make a lot, a lot, a lot of money – some of them earn enough to buy a house paid fully in cash within a month or two.
  • Users can do almost anything and everything they want with the Swaggers, as long as they have “diamonds”. These “diamonds” are like virtual gifts and can be purchased with either crypto-currencies or credit cards.
  • 3P? Nah, some of them even go up to 6P. Actually, we read that the record is now at 10P.
  • So yes, Swaggers will come out IRL to meet their fans so long as the price diamond is right. And the Swaggers will whip out their phones to record all the hanky-panky business when they meet their fans and upload them on Swag. Fans have a choice of whether they want their faces shown or mosaic’ed.
  • So the cycle of content creation just keeps going on and on since they only stay up for 24 hours each time, just like Instagram Stories.
  • Brilliant business model of pushing the Swaggers to create fresh contents all the time and for fans to be intrigued enough as fun time with these hot Swaggers is actually possible and real, unlike just passively watching porn.
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(Un) Fortunately, the Swag app is not available for download in Singapore.

However, some HardwareZone forum users have managed to get their hands on the app and here’s a review from one of them:

I have so many questions.

Obvious question; how much?

How much to watch or even how much to be part of it? (I hope my wife is not reading this…)

I also stopped to question why people, these young girls, would do this.

However, I brushed that thought away quickly. Social Media is just a new communication platform. Sex is probably one of the oldest trades in history. So, kudos to the person who has combined the oldest trade with a brand new twist.

That being said, I do not wish that this app and practice come into Singapore.

No, just no.


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