The Best of Funny Man, Alex Tan

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TL;DR – I might just swipe right if he was on Tinder.

If I have to nominate someone for Singapore’s Funniest Man, it will not be Kumar. Not Gurmit Singh either. Sorry, Steven Lim Kor Kor, I know you try really hard but it is not always about you.

It will be none other than owner of States Times Review (or Singapore States Times, Singapore Herald, and Temasek Review News, etc etc etc) –  Alex Tan Zhixiang.

I do not even know where to start about why he is the funniest man. That man has too many funny lines, so let’s cut to the chase and jump straight into “The Best of  Funny Man, Alex Tan.”

1.He calls himself is the GE Strategy Leader

You’d better listen to his command. Or else you might be on the naughty list.

2. He successfully destroyed The Straits Times

Sure, 2,000 followers is all he needs to destroy Straits Times’ 1.2 million followers. We all watched 300 and know how it ended.

3. He is very reasonable, independent and wise.

Just what I needed in a perfect man.

4. He NEEDS to increase unemployment rate.

It doesn’t matter who he throws under the bus. A win is a win.

5. He is focused and determined.

Neither a fall nor a broken keyboard can stop him. Hope he’s okay.

6. Who needs the Avengers when we have him.

Better than Captain America and VR-Man, combined.

7. He has a full-time job in Australia.

Soooo proud of him.

8. He first predicted GE to take place in September.

It is okay. Try again next time. Now he’s betting on 14 December 2019. Let’s see.

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9. Climate change is also PM Lee’s fault.

Tough job PM has.

10. He might be almighty but he still fears the late LKY.

Technically you cannot lose the battles (or elections) you cannot join.

11. He is popular.

Influenza lyfe. #notsponsored #didnotbuylikes #Singaporesocial

12. He is not afraid of ELIMINATING opposition parties.


A man’s got to do what a man’a got to do.

13. He’s the glass-half-full man.

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued a statement against an article published on States Time Review (STR), under the Protection From Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA).

A paragraph taken from the statement:

“STR is run by Alex Tan Zhi Xiang, a 32-year-old Singaporean, who is not in Singapore. He is the editor of various websites including “Temasek Review News” and “Singapore Herald”. This is not the first time that these websites, as well as STR, have perpetuated outright fabrications, such as misrepresenting Singapore’s position in foreign relations with other countries and casting aspersions on the integrity of public institutions.”

He has been hiding in Australia for years and according to MHA, he’s still a Singaporean.

But in one of his latest posts, Alex Tan has claimed to be a citizen of Australia. So which is which? And anyway, as a foreigner, why is he still interfering with local politics? Isn’t this foreign interference?

Despite the statement and correction direction issued by MHA, the independent, wise, determined, popular almighty GE Strategy leader, Alex Tan, does not sound worried at all. Yup, he’s the glass-half-full man, oozing positive vibes.

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Ma will be so proud!


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