Singapore employee shares encounter with interviewee who has ability to detect after-sex smell

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TL;DR – Better than narcotics detection dog.

SG Workers Confessions, likely a spin-off or copycat from NUSwhispers, is a newly created Facebook page for workers in Singapore to submit their confessions anonymously.

On 20 November, a person claiming to be an employee from an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company wrote a post to Facebook page SG Workers Confessions, where the writer shared what he/she deemed as the “weirdest interview ever.”

Interview took a “porny” turn

In the post, OP started off by asking if it is appropriate to talk about sex at work. He/she later began to detail his/her interview experience with an interviewee, P, who was a potential supermarket promoter for his/her company’s FMCG product.

At first, the interview was just a “usual” interview with P sharing about her previous work experiences. However, the conversation later took a “porny” turn when P started complaining about her female cousin.

Ability to detect “after-sex” smell

Apparently, the interviewee P has the ability to detect when a person has had sex based on the ‘after-sex’ smell emitted.

According to P, her cousin had sex and did not bathe on purpose. P claimed that she could tell and felt that her cousin was purposely flaunting to P that she still has sex, even after the age of 50 years old, on a regular basis.

The interviewee is also alleged to have bitched about her cousin, who claimed to have bad knees and hence, she preferred the woman-on-top over doggy-style.

Hmmm, weird flex but ok.

You can read the original Facebook post below:

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