MICHELIN Guide Bib Gourmand winner – Shi Hui Yuan is now at Lau Pa Sat

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TL;DR – Die Die Must Try.

Food has to be one of the biggest parts of most Singaporeans’ lives.

Friends meet friends – Eat.

Boy meets girl – Eat.

Everyone’s birthday – Eat.

Friends visiting Singapore – Eat.

If you are a foodie, you must have heard of the famous Mei Ling Food Centre Hor Fun – Shi Hui Yuan (实惠园). They’ve been around for a really long time. Dr Leslie Tay blogged about them back in 2009, DanielFoodDiary blogged about them in 2016.

Did you know they Shi Hui Yuan was also a 3-year consecutive Michelin Bib Gourmand Award winner (2016-2018)?

And now in 2019, yours truly is writing about them.

So, as much as I love food, I am not exactly the type of person who will travel around Singapore just to hunt for good food. Despite Shi Hui Yuan’s decades of history in Singapore, I’d never tried it before until today. My excuse? Mei Ling Street is not exactly located near my place and I am very lazy. I know, I am such a disgrace to the Singaporeans are Foodies’ title.

Good news for me is that they have now opened a new branch at Lau Pa Sat which is a mere 5-minute walk from my office!

With its new location right in the heart of  CBD, I am sure many will benefit from it! To make things even more exciting, this stall opens till late (11pm) instead of closing in the afternoon like the original stall at Mei Ling Food Centre. Yay, more food option for the night owls!

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So what’s new? 

To spice things up, the team behind this new branch has added a few things to the menu which cannot be found at the original stall at Mei Ling Food Centre.

Each order at Lau Pa Sat comes with a serving of braised egg and there is also a rice option if you are not a big fan of hor fun.

That is not all, they have also introduced a combination platter which is good for sharing for up to 4 hungry stomachs!

Did you know? 

When it comes to hor fun, many would immediately think of the famous Ipoh hor fun. Being Cantonese, the Shi Hui Yuan founder created his own sauce that consists of over 30 different types of herb. Yes, that’s what gives the sauce a rich herbal taste.

It is totally different from Ipoh hor fun, something that is truly uniquely Singapore.

Not trying to open a war of words here, but I personally find the Shi Hui Yuan hor fun a lot better than the usual Ipoh hor fun fare that is sold in Singapore.

For just $7.80, the blissful set comes with 3 type of meat – chicken, duck, and pork ribs, vegetable, egg, mushroom, and hor fun or rice. I was so surprised when the pork just fall right off the bone. It was so tender and soft!

If you are not a big fan of meat, there is a braised mushroom hor fun which is priced at only $4.80!

And oh, I also found out that each bowl of their nourishing hor fun contains more than 1500mg of collagen!

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A Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand award-winning food at such reasonable prices and prime location is really something to be celebrated! It is not cheap to eat lunch in CBD; I should know, since I have been working in the CBD for six months now. So, the office workers in the vicinity should be very happy now. I guess there are perks to have your office near a food centre which is run by a social enterprise!

In its effort to make affordable cooked food more widely accessible to all, NTUC Enterprises has acquired Kopitiam not long ago. Here, we see the labour movement in action to help workers and their families better manage their cost of living.

With cooked food going at such prices, no wonder my wife says being able to cook is now an optional skill.

In case you are not convinced. 

Here are more pictures to make you feel really hungry. #sorrynotsorry

Official Opening: 9th Sept 2019

Address: Lau Pa Sat Stall 18 . 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582

Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm

Instagram: @shihuiyuan.sg

Website: www.shihuiyuan.sg



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