Do Singaporeans love our government?

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TL;DR – Maybe lah hor? 

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Singapore might not be a perfect place, then again, which country is? I am proud to be Singaporean. But I love Singapore, sweltering heat and all. Heck, I even love our government.

However, a visit to the local coffee shop, a chat with the taxi uncle, or a scroll on Facebook  will paint a completely different story. Some days, in fact, most days, it feels like most people don’t share my same love and pride as a Singaporean.

Are these feedback truly representative of how the entire population of Singaporeans feel?

I published this article “Why Singaporeans do not fight for their rights?” yesterday and it was shared by one of Singapore’s most influential women – Ho Ching. (Probably ranks ahead of Zoe Tay. Sorry Zoe, you are still my queen.) 


I am sure we all remember this bag that went viral. 

But oh, I digress.

The post soon garnered some positive comments about our government. Here’s a sampling, and you can read more on Mdm Ho Ching’s Facebook post.


Is everyone really so happy or is it because it’s Mdm Ho Ching’s Facebook? Given their busy schedule, I’d assume ministers and MPs do not have much time to surf Facebook to read random comments. It would be nice if they could see some of these encouraging comments instead of the troll comments that are hardly constructive.

The ministers and MPs are only human, and which human does not like a pat on the shoulder every now and then? (Feel free to thank us for the good articles okay? Haters are also welcome.)

Just to be fair, if you know where to look, you too can find some very unhappy netizens.

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As cool as social media is, we should be very careful not to believe everything we read. And we definitely should not assume that online comments equate general public sentiments.

Various studies have already shown that people who are dissatisfied with status quo are more motivated and inclined to expressing their unhappiness online, whereas people who are satisfied with status quo have no reason nor incentive to express their views since they are not driving for change.

To make things worse,  features such as Facebook;s algorithm biases your news feed and creates echo chambers in our online activities. Basically, we will keep receiving and consuming news that will reinforce our beliefs, potentially leading to polarization and reinforces spirals.

Then how?

You just wasted three minutes reading this article with no conclusion whether Singaporeans are happy with our government? Well, at the very least, I hope you know to be more discerning and to be aware of echo chambers. There are always two sides to every story, and then, the truth.

I shall leave you with this quote.

Sometimes it really does not matter what we say or write. People choose to believe what they believe in. I can share with you all the facts but if you choose not to believe it, you will still find ways to prove me wrong convince yourself otherwise.

More importantly, are YOU happy with our government?

P.S. Also, sometimes I cannot tell if someone is being sarcastic when it comes to Facebook comments. Mark, can you do something about it?

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