Taking a peek into e2i’s CEO Gilbert Tan’s Office

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TL;DR – Let’s take a walk around the block.

“You know Patrick Tay lets me visit his office?”

That’s what I told e2i’s CEO Gilbert Tan after catching up with him and shadowing him for a content piece.

“Can can. Let’s go.”

That’s the Gilbert Tan I know. Always warm and always game. This is not the first time I crossed paths with Gilbert Tan. I wouldn’t say we are first name-basis kind of friends but Gilbert has always treated me as if we were close friends. Same thing when I reached out to and wanted to find out more about what he does for e2i.

“Wah, Gilbert, your office is really neat!”

I’m very glad that I’m the one doing this piece instead of someone wanting to visit my office and do a piece. My office is a mess and I really don’t think it’s in the best of shape for any journalist to visit me.

“So here’s how this goes Gilbert. I’m going to feature some of the things in your office. Tell me some stories and why they are in the office.”

Golf Clubs

“Let’s start with these Gilbert. WHY ARE THEY IN THE OFFICE!”

If you do a search on LinkedIn you would know that Gilbert actually completed an advanced management program with Harvard recently. He is no stranger to USA as prior to that he actually did a masters in recreations in North Carolina. According to him, golf courses are everywhere in America and that’s when he picked up golf.

And since then golf has become part of him and he loves the challenge of putting this tiny ball into the hole. He always love a great challenge.

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In fact according to him these clubs are just some of the many that he owns which are also at home as well as in his cars.


He loves performing and has always been doing it. According to him, he was actually a dancer back in primary school and all of the sudden I got a lot less interested in the guitar and wish to see him in action.

A search on the internet left me with nothing but disappointment. I guess it’s about time some event should invite him to dance for charity. I am pretty sure people will pay to watch that.

In his university life he was involved in musicals and he enjoys singing and dancing. Apparently there is an e2i song which was composed and written by e2i’s very own staff.

And another search on the internet has began. I did find e2i’s YouTube page with interesting videos about how they support workers or even “Millennial Dreams” which was a pretty well shared series recently, but sadly no e2i song. So I guess I need to wait for another day to get Gilbert to perform this number for us.

Smart Watches

Gilbert has not 1 but 2 smart watches in the office. For someone like me who is still wearing a G-shock, I’ve no idea why someone needs 2 smart watches.

Later I found out that these two smart watches actually has different functions. 1 handles his day to day functions like notifications and emails while the other is actually a golf watch.

The golf watch not only tell times but also gives him data analysis about how he did during games and help him to improve his game. The power of big data and passion for the game.

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“Technologies make our lives a lot easier. Do not be afraid of technology but embrace it.”

I guess that’s why he is the CEO of NTUC’s e2i. After all, NTUC has been encouraging workers to embrace, learn and apply 4.0 technology to increase productivity and to change the way work is being done to help them get better jobs and better pay.

That mysterious empty pot with no plant in it

Apparently e2i celebrated their 10th anniversary late last year and they had an appreciation dinner with industrial partners and guests who benefitted from e2i’s work. The pot was part of a flower arrangement and Gilbert thought that this pot is actually a good memorabilia from the event. Giving the pot a prominent spot in his office can also serve to remind him of the good work that his team has done to help businesses adapt and to help workers workers scale higher.

Hydrogen Water Bottle

Gilbert is big into health. For the simplest reason because one can only make impact to others life when one is healthy.

He tries his best by doing the smallest things on a daily basis to stay healthy and he was introduced to this hydrogen water bottle by a partner and was giving it a try.

A quick search on the internet will tell you the benefits of drinking hydrogen water. All 27 benefits of them. Wow. And one of them is actually helping in weight loss. I think I am going to get one after this.


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