Foreigners tell us why living in Singapore is great

By January 6, 2019Perspectives

TL;DR – Singapore is worry-free. Things work. And things get done.

There is this thread on question-and-answer site, Quora, titled “As a foreigner living in Singapore, what is better about Singapore than your home country?” and as you’d guessed it, it is where foreigners share their perspectives about life in Singapore.

One particular response by user Michael Hsun has been viewed over 106,000 times since he crafted his answer two years ago in Jan 2016.

In his reply, the American who has been living in Singapore for 17 years and counting, listed out his “top-10” about living in Singapore:

The other responses also cite safety, transport, low tax rate and food as reasons why Singapore trumps their home countries.

Here are some excerpts:

  • Work – it’s a great place to work. Singapore is a finance hub and hosts Asian HQ of many Fortune 500 companies. It has a great startup culture supported by the government. Singaporeans are very hard working people and expect the same from the foreigners.
  • Safety – no 1 reason. Like everyone else I leave my iPhone and MacBook Pro at Starbucks and go to toilet or buy something nearby. The community watches, no need to tell anyone. Don’t try that in any other country. I never feel discomfort in any situation, whereas in other countries I feel that sometimes I’m not safe and I have to observe other people or be prepared to be harmed.
  • In only two countries I have seen young girls probably in the first or second grade, wait at a bus stop without any adult supervision — Japan and Singapore. Imagine the level of safety a society has to achieve in order for parents to be adequately confident to permit this level of childhood independence. I am almost 30. In Malaysia, my father still reminds me to be back home before 9pm
  • Efficiency — everything is interconnected and efficient (some people don’t like it though). Most of the government departments are closely connected so if your status changes; all government services and records change automatically.
  • I will walk out into the dead of night at 3am to get something to eat. It’s a 30 minute stroll if I want it to be. I can do this with absolute minimum fear of crime or violence to my person. It is truly liberating.
  • For anyone with a local university degree and a job, you can easily afford quality clothes, safe food, comfortable accommodation and efficient transportation. If your control your spending well, you can have savings for housing, car, holiday, luxurious items, etc. Young people in some other countries have to fight very hard to earn such lives, while it is quite natural to have such comfortable middle class lives in Singapore, thanks to its largely meritocratic system.
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You can see the full thread here.


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