A Toblerone cake now exists with an almond base, layers of chocolate mousse and Toblerone chunks

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TL;DR – Hello, heaven.

Just when we thought we’d eaten our fair share of cakes over the years, here’s one that truly takes the cake.

Thanks to Swedish cake company Almondy, a Toblerone chocolate cake now exists. Made with chocolate mousse and Toblerone chunks, the cake features an almond base and comes topped with a generous amount of Toblerone chunks drizzled with chocolate.

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So remember that one post where I said I needed that Toblerone cake in my life, well I was not playing games(savage)..This is Toblerone Chocolate cake from Sweden.The layers are thiccly intense!! 1st top layer has a light milk chocolate shell, followed by a layer of milk chocolate cream and chunks of thicc almond paste cake with more layers of Toblerone chocolate. This is my 1st time having Toblerone(cray right)and I must say the cocoa on this taste so rich and delicious. The layers of almond paste has a marzipanish vibe to it..Freaking love marzipan!! This cake is life!!🤤. I’m about to go back to the store and sell them out mannn😫.. If you are in NY and like almond/milk chocolate go to Netcost and get this forreallz💯🤤👌🏼🍰🍫 #toblerone #yum #mmm #food #foodie #iseesieats #noms #cheatmeal #cheatsnack #snacks #macros #diet #foodreview #nyeats #foodofny #brooklyn #yass #chocolatecake #foodgasm #foodporn #thiscakeislife

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The rest, like they say, is history…

And the million-dollar question as to whether it’s available in Singapore?

We managed to find it on Redmart for only $8.90… but it’s unfortunately sold out.

There is an option though, for them to notify you when it’s restocked. Keeping our fingers crossed!

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