Lee Hsien Yang – Join the Opposition, Defeat the PAP?

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TL;DR – Happylee ever after.

If you are a football fan, you will probably be very familiar with the term ABU, which means Anything But (Manchester) United. Of course, this term has since lost a lot of its meaning in recent years since United has not really been on top but… this isn’t the point of this article.

It’s just to provide the analogy that how in Singapore’s political scene, we have PAP and we have the ABP, which basically means Anything But PAP.

A page named “Lee Hsien Yang – Join the Opposition, Defeat the PAP” was actually created in June 2017. I guess it was probably created by his supporters or the ABP guys during the whole 38 Oxley Road dispute. However, content creation is hard work and they probably found out the hard way in approximately 10 days after the account was created as there was no new content from that day onwards.

Until this glorious day in November where all dreams come true for them.


Once again, the hopes and dreams of having Lee Hsien Yang joining the Opposition has been reignited.

That glimpse of hope!

Of course, there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there pointing towards the fact that this is not just two old men casuallee having breakfast and there is more than meets the eye. Especially since there are now talks that it’s possible for general elections to be held in 2019.

I mean one can dream whatever they want right?

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Including this man’s dream of course.

Erm… Okay can. Jkjklol.

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