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By November 13, 2018Entertainment

TL;DR – Not the Pikachu we deserve, but the Pikachu we need. 

Over the last few months, you would have probably noticed the influx of Japanese-anime-turned-live-action-movies if you are a fan of the genre. These Netflix original movies include popular anime titles such as Deathnote, Full Metal Alchemist, and the most recently bBeach. While they all have their own merits trying to replicate a popular anime into a live action movie, I’ve never been a big fan simply because we all know that there is almost no way that a 90-minute movie can bring out the essence of an anime series which is usually few hundred episodes long. Not to forget how the ridiculously good-looking main characters and outfits in pictures can probably never be brought to life in real life despite calling them live action movies.

Anyway, the first look of yet another live action movie was uploaded yesterday on media company, Legendary Movie’s Facebook page. Unlike those mentioned earlier, this is coming to the big screen and it features the global icon Pikachu itself.

What we are getting from this show based on the trailer seems to be nothing like its original storyline. We will probably not see good old Ash Ketchum and his red cap or Team Rocket but instead what we will get is a talking Pikachu voiced over by Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds. If you have watched Deadpool and is a fan, I guess we are in for a ride and be ready to expect the unexpected.

Despite the fact that it is nothing we are familiar with about Pokemon given that Pikachu is actually speaking and its “real” voice is actually a deep voice of a man instead of the rather cute “pika pika” we are used to, fans have shown positive feedback.

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So is this the secret wining recipe of live action movies? Simply give fans something original instead of trying to meet the impossible expectation of trying to recreate something they have watched before as anime?

The movie is set to open coming summer 2019 so I guess it is still a little too early to say it is all that good.


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