Diablo Immortals announced on Mobile and Diablo 3 is back (again)

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TL;DR – Demon slaying on the move. 

Announced at the 12th Blizzcon by Blizzard Entertainment, is a series of new games and upcoming updates for their various game. The one that obviously caught my attention is Diablo Immortals, which is Diablo’s very own action role playing game on mobile phone!

Diablo Immortals’s timeline is set in between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. It is offering up to 6 classes of characters to choose from. This ridiculously good looking mobile phone version of the game doesn’t seems like it is going to be watered down in anyway. As a mobile phone gamer myself, I am anticipating a lot of “cashing” happening if such a great game is going to be available for free. I hope I am wrong but I got a feeling there will be much paywalled content for this game. Diablo Fans all around the world are furious about this port (no surprise),  just like when they were angry when Diablo 3 felt like a watered down version of Diablo 2 and the introduction of Diablo 3 onto consoles as they were worried that the developer will spend less time on the original computer counterpart. Despite all the unhappiness online, it’s still one of the bestsellers ever. Blizzard totally nailed it.

For those who are interested, you can actually pre-register here.

Besides Diablo Immortals, this 22-year-old franchise also launched Diablo 3 on Nintendo switch just one day before breaking this news. Diablo 3 was first launched on PC and Mac back in 2012 and has since gone through multiple updates and additional content packs. This launch on Nintendo switch was long awaited by the Nintendo Switch community (not so much from the original Diablo 3 fans as mentioned earlier) after Sony Playstation and Xbox fans got their version in 2013, one year after the initial launch.

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The Nintendo Switch version offers a rather different experience if you have been playing Diablo 3 on PC or Mac. However, the experience is relatively similar as compared to the one on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The good news is you can now play this all-time fans-favourite game on the go with your friends connected wirelessly over a coffee without Internet connection, with four different screens, which is an experience that both the computer version as well as the Playstation 4/Xbox One version cannot offer.

The sharing screen experience on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One was a painful one as every other players has to idle while one is sorting out its equipment and stash, while the PC version doesn’t allow offline multiplayer mode at all.

If you wish to play online, you are required to have the Nintendo switch subscription which will cost you as low as 30 cents USD monthly if you play your cards right. All you have to do after getting the subscription is simply add a friend by using his/her friend code and one is ready to visit hell and slay some monsters together.

A Nintendo Switch exclusive skin based on a character from The Legend of Zelda, Ganondarf.

Although it’s a “freebie” that doesn’t require you to pay, it’s not exactly free in the game. It will require you 50,000 gold piece per equipment to transform into that skin which can be kinda steep right from the start of the game.

This game is ridiculously addictive (still), the only thing that stopped me from playing it 24 hours previously was because I needed to leave home for work and for social reasons but now having it on the go just means that I can play anywhere even in the office.

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Goodbye productivity, you have been a good friend.

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