Man accused for molesting gets picture circulated and deemed guilty by Facebook jury

By November 7, 2018Perspectives

TL;DR – He say, she say, everyone also say. 

With the help of the Internet, everyone has a voice. Everyone with a social media account is effectively a media platform which also probably explains why SPH is suffering.

As seen on Facebook recently, is a woman claiming to have been molested at a party on 3 November. After posting what seems like a screenshot of her own Instagram stories, many of her friends have encouraged her to go to the police, which obviously is the right thing to do.

Yes, molesting is a crime and one should never have to suffer in silence.

If you are interested in the post, here’s a summary,

No details of what happened or how she found his name/Facebook account but thanks to the powers of social media, a picture of him was shared on her Facebook page some twenty minutes later and it subsequently got shared over 48 times as at the time of when this article is published.

“This guy is a molester by pretending to be drunk. His name is Jxxxxx Cxxxxxx. Let’s makes sure he will never be able to do it again.” (Name has been masked to protect the identity of the person involved.)

Not sure what happened but she later edited the post to the following caption;

“Called the police, turns out he also sexually assaulted and molested a few other girls. We gave our testimonies, just waiting for investigations now.

Going to the police is the right thing to do and I guess it’s okay to warn other ladies to be careful especially at clubs where the music is loud and alcohol is served. However, is it a little too early for the rest of the people on the Internet to be sharing the post and shaming the guy who allegedly molested someone but has yet to be found guilty by the courts?

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Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Before anyone jump and say that I’m protecting a potential molester, let’s think of about this way. What if  you are the one being wrongfully accused, would you want such messages to be circulated? Even if the courts find him innocent, the damage to his reputation seems to be already done, isn’t it? And if he is really guilty, then we find his pictures splattered all over the newspapers.

We might each have a platform to voice our opinions but if you ask me, there is such thing as the right timing for the right things. Some of you might find it really ironic that here I am talking about not accusing anyone before the truth is out and not to share this post but on the other hand I am writing this post and passing on the information. Yes, it is kinda ironic, but at the same time, I feel that this has to be said to create the awareness that we should not be sharing such post or jumping to conclusions just because you read something on Facebook.

Anyway, the accussed is well aware of the allegations and has requested no conclusion to be made via his own Facebook account as well.

Whatever the truth is,


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