Inspired by his own mother, Findjobs was created to help other blue collar workers

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TL;DR – It’s really easy. 

Stanley Lim and his partner founded the job-hunting app FindJobs with just one objective in mind  – to help blue collar workers find jobs. I guess that is also probably why the app’s name is so literal.

Unlike many other job matching sites out there, Findjobs’ focus is very clear. It is to help non-executive workers, particularly those who are getting on in their years adapt better amidst the competitive job-seeking landscape.


When asked this question, Stanley told us his story about his own parents. Growing up, his parents were not executives and they relied a lot on friends and newspaper classified ads to land jobs. But things got harder for them in terms of seeking jobs over time. As our society progresses, more employers are going online with their hiring advertisements and using job-placement sites. Blue-collar workers are less technologically-savvy, and Stanley saw how they are being “left behind”.

Stanley has been in the recruitment industry for 13 years and has been running his own recruitment own agency since 2011. Due to his background, he has also witnessed firsthand how difficult it is for some businesses, especially SMEs and those in industries like F&B and retail, to hire workers.

“Many businesses might think that the best place to place their recruitment ads is at their shopfront but the truth is, it doesn’t usually work. An already shorthanded F&B outlet realistically, won’t have enough manpower to handle walk-in interviews properly. In fact, we also have clients who received feedback from their own marketing department that such ads tend to make the storefront messy and unsightly.”

With the problem clearly presented in front of Stanley, all he needed to do was to provide the solution. Easier said than done but these guys did it.

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While talking to Stanley, I can’t help but notice how focused this young man is. He knows what he wants for the business and he knows where he wants it to go and to get there. Over the years of interviewing entrepreneurs as well as working with clients, trust me, this is not exactly the most common trait amongst business-owners.

What makes the app different?

“This app has to be different. It has to be very easy to use. For a start, you do not need to create an account to use. You don’t even need to create a CV yourself. The app takes care of all these and even helps you to translate it into different languages (Findjobs also has Chinese and Malay versions) for the convenience of the HR department. We even added voice functions for job-seekers who can speak and understand Mandarin but are not too good with reading Chinese job description.


We have to put ourselves into the shoes of the applicants and make it as userfriendly as possible for these workers especially the more mature ones who find such tasks difficult. We also try to make the user interface as basic and clear as possible to cater to those who are less tech-savvy.” 

How are you guys doing so far?

“We are not the biggest in the industry. We are working on a very lean team. Todate, we have over 22,000 downloads for our findjobs apps.”

“We have around 600 employers on board, around 5,000 listed job listings and over 1,300 broadcasts.”

A broadcast is basically a function that we’ve created for users to broadcast themselves. This function is especially useful for people who are not sure where to start when it comes to looking for jobs. So instead of looking for the right employers and jobs, the employers will be the one doing the shopping for the right type of employees.

We recently had a client who posted a job on our app and had over 300 applicants within the first 2 weeks of posting.

We’ve even seen some job seekers receiving around 10 – 13 responses from employers within the first 2 days of posting a broadcast.”

What is your end game? Are you aiming to get funded? Become a unicorn like most tech startups?

“Like every startup, it’s a dream to get funded. We were once offered a sizable investment but the company had different plans for our business. That was when my co-founder and I know that we are sure of what we want. It’s not just a startup to us.

It’s a business to us, a business that we want to keep and grow to benefit the workers out there and the industry as a whole. Earlier this year, we were very lucky to have gotten the attention of Singapore Centre for Social Enterprises (raiSE). We are very proud to say that we got credited as a Social Enterprise and that is probably the best form of recognition we can get. Together with raiSE, we hope to help more people from different self-help groups and NGOs to find jobs with our Findjobs app.

So what’s next?

“The app is going to have more functions to make it even easier for both employers and employees. We are going to have job matching functions and most of the things are going to be fully automated for users. “

Fully automated? Wouldn’t it be very easy for people to abuse the system for vices?

“We actually have our own checks and balances on our back end. It appears fully automated to the users of the app but on our end, we do our best to ensure everything is above-board and to promote ethical practicses. We will not hesitate to ban or report any accounts if found to be violating our terms of useWe hope to have a system that protects both employers and employees.”

Have a friend who needs to hire or get hired?

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Check out Findjobs on Google Play as well as your App Store today. The Chinese version is known as 找工 and Malay version, just launched this month, is Cari Kerja.



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