KFC launches new Tori Katsu Burger and Bonito Fries

By September 11, 2018Food

TL;DR – Welcome to Japan! 

KFC introduces the new Tori Katsu Burger! Paying homage to the Japanese’s reverence and respect for food, the Tori Katsu Burger’s ingredients are simple, yet features an amazing combination of flavours and textures.

At the media tasting event, here are the three rules KFC gave us for the best Tori Katsu Burger experience:

  1. Keep other sauces out.
  2. Let the crunch be heard.
  3. Leave no crumbs behind.

Additionally, we all know that burgers always go best with fries, and it would be blasphemous not to have fries accompanying a burger as fine as the Tori Katsu Burger. So here’s another Japanese-inspired item, Bonito Fries, featuring golden fries fried to crispy perfection, drizzled with special Katsu sauce and mayonnaise, and sprinkled with the perennial favourite bonito flakes.


Our verdict

Tori Katsu Burger: 7/10, I’m greedy like this and hope that the burger is bigger!

Bonito Fries: 9/10, It is an almost perfect combination to be honest, except that the sauce is so good you feel like you can’t get enough of it especially on at the bottom. HOW?

The Tori Katsu Burger and Bonito Fries are priced respectively (a la carte) at $5.50 and $4.50 or in special bundle meals starting from $7.55 and will be available at all KFC outlets, except KFC Changi Airport Terminal 1, KidZania and Singapore Zoo.

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