After 2800 min of Story of Yanxi Palace, my life has forever changed

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TL;DR – Things will never be the same again.

I grew up watching a lot of Hong Kong dramas and stuff from Mediacorp. I know you guys are probably not gonna give me any credit if I say I’m a Mediacorp fan but I’m talking about the Mediacorp before it is what it is today. The good old days of SBC when we have better stuff such as Pretty Faces starring Zoe Tay and On The Fringe with Li Nan Xing. Probably also because we did not have cable and NetFlix back in the 90s.

Since then, I have switched to catching English dramas instead but recently gave in to peer pressure and decided to start watching Story of Yanxi Palace because everybody, and I really mean EVERYBODY, was watching it.

After some 2,800 minutes, my life has since changed forever.

1. I now address my wife as 娘娘

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It’s just how they address the higher ranking females I suppose? Sometimes they call the queen that, other times the maids also address the other concubines that. So anyway, now you know who wears the pants at home.

2. I got more interested in Chinese history

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History wasn’t exactly my favourite subject back in school but with this show,  I got curious. How much of what’s happening is real? Sadly, not much can be found on the Internet, or at least on the English part of the Internet. Thanks to our Emperor (yes, everything is a blessing from him now), we now have Wikipedia and it says that our main character 魏璎珞’s real name is actually 魏佳氏. Probably a good way to teach Singaporeans history if we could make Singapore history into a drama serial. The Price of Peace V2, anyone?

3. Because 70 episodes weren’t enough, I started watching behind the scene stuff

As every fan should know by now, Charmaine Sheh is an actress from Hong Kong and her Mandarin ain’t exactly the best. This was actually how she did her lines. In Cantonese besides the last line in Mandarin for her co-actors to continue the conversation. Some said she is really good but I think we need to give credit to her co-actors as well.

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4. I am curious how the actors look when out of their outfits

And I don’t mean being naked.

If you’re wondering too, here you go.

Image via and via 

Truth is, I don’t know any of  them besides Charmaine Sheh. For some reason, many of them actually look better if they were from the Qing period instead. I guess 2800 minutes is enough for that image to be etched permanently in my mind.

5. I watched this scene over and over again

3…2…1… CRY….

6. I conclude that working in an all female environment is dangerous

Very very very dangerous.

(By the way, there are actually studies done on this. Yup.)

7. I started using these gif to reply my WhatsApp messages


Good night my friends.

Because LOL is so yesterday. 

When your friends jio you out.

If you wish to join me, here’s the full list. 

It’s over.

I wouldn’t call myself a big fan but I did enjoy the show and now that’s it’s over, a part of me feels rather lost.

If you haven’t caught this show, you probably should. Here’s a condensed 7-minute version to get you started.


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  • ChinChin says:

    Hi Smith,

    Since this show got you a little interest in history. I would like to share some history of the Emperor as well.

    The show Emperor is Qianlong who has three Empress.
    1. 孝賢純皇后 富察氏 (the show first good Empress)
    2. 皇后 輝發那拉氏 (the show 嫻妃, banished after 16 years)
    3. 孝儀純皇后 魏佳氏 (the show 令妃; which is 魏瓔珞), she was actually given the title Empress after she died.

    Whether the Empress are good or bad will depends on the screen-writer. In some drama or movie, the first Empress is depicted as a bad Empress for example in the equally popular HK drama 如懿傳-Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace), the first Empress is actually bad. Hahahahaha.…/Ruyi’s_Royal_Love_in_the_Palace

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