It’s a Thai fest at the Chang Sensory Trails 2018

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TL;DR – Very appe-THAI-sing indeed. 

There is nothing new about Singaporeans visiting Bangkok. Singaporeans are a big fan of Thailand no doubt. From shopping, to entertainment and of course, Thai Food.

Thai Beer too of course.

Fun fact, did you know that Chang Sensory Trails, the annual Thai food festival organised by Thailand’s leading beer brand, Chang, actually travelled to London and Los Angeles earlier this year? And that it’s now back to Singapore for its third edition with a special emphasis on Thai home recipes from 31 Aug to 1 Sep 2018!

It’s a pity that the event is going to last 2 days so you bet-Thai choose where to place your calories properly at!

Here’s our recommendations!

Instagrammable Much

Dry Ice + Rice in a Watermelon Husk = we have a winner over here!

Since the introduction of Instagram, many of our food choices are determined by how many ‘like’s they will garner on the social media platform. And the good news is, this interesting Watermelon fried rice from Gin Khao is not only visually pleasing but extremely tasty too. And no, it’s not a typo, it is Watermelon fried rice instead of the  typical pineapple fried rice. In-Thai-resting right?

Also by Gin Khao: Tom Yum Spam Fries and Salted Egg Fish Skin.

Damage: $13

Spice up your life

This spicy pork with crunchy rice cake dish from Long Chim will sound a lot more complicated if they were to list all the spices that go into it. This dish is so flavourful it’s amazing. It’s looks like a major food mess but it’s probably the best snack around to go with an ice cold beer.

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Also by Long Chim: Grilled Pork with Skewers and Deep-Fried Chicken Wings

Damage: $12

The must-have

How to make an awesome day with music, food, and company even better? Of course, it’s got to be THE beer! Public Service Announcement, if you don’t drive to drink, you will not drink and drive. We are pretty sure you won’t just stop at one.

Most underrated

Amongst all the other food options available with creative-sounding names, this serving of “Tom Yum Goong Noodles” with its average-sounding name by Baan Ying impressed me so much I declare it the best dish at the event!

Also by Baan Ying: Som Tum, Fried Shrimp and Pork Paste Toast.

Damage: $15

Basic beach

The decision-making process went something like this,

“I want something special and interesting. I’ve had so much Mango Sticky rice before. Should I really spent my calories on this? OMG! Why am I so basic?”

And then it became,

“But I really like Mango Sticky riceeeee. Okay let’s do it.”

5 minutes later,


Damage: $8

Also by Tamarind Hill: Deep-fried Prawns with Crispy Noodles, Taro Fritters.

It’s bacon

It’s great bacon in fact. The pork here is so tender and fat, it just melts in your mouth. Unfortunately, the tom yum taste wasn’t that distinctive but still one of the best bacon you can get in Singapore.

Also by Un-Yang-Kor-Dal: Grilled Half Chicken, Thai Milk Tea Pudding.

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Damage: $15

Adding to the multisensory experience, the illustrations of Singaporean illustrator GalactikCaptain from local collective Band of Doodlers can be found on the facades of the food booths, on tabletops as well as the Chang Sensory Trails photo wall. Local bands, O.K Ready! and 53A will also be performing on 31 August and 1 September respectively to entertain visitors while they enjoy their Thai culinary favourites.

Chang Sensory Trails 2018 is the third edition in this unique culinary series that gathers a plethora of Thai culinary flavours over one weekend in Singapore at The Lawn at Marina Bay from Friday, 31 August to Saturday, 1 September 2018 from 4pm to 10pm. This is a free to enter, un-ticketed event.



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