Inside the World’s First Muji Hotel in Shenzhen

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TL;DR – A Muji dream come true.

If you have always wished you could have a Muji-style home, the Muji Hotel is definitely a dream come true.

Located in Shenzhen’s central Upper Hills neighbourhood, the hotel has 79 guests rooms, 118-seater Muji Diner, Muji Retail and Muji Books. Pale wooden floors, grey walls and white fixtures complete this minimalist theme.

It is no surprise that the aesthetics throughout the hotel is consistent with the brand’s signature  Japanese style. Muji lovers will also be excited to know that they can find their favourite shop items such as the green plants, alarm clock, tissue box and the many small, white cups and toiletries in the hotel too.





And it doesn’t just stop at the rooms. At the hotel’s in-house restaurant, Muji Diner, hotel guests can enjoy having their meals surrounded by Muji decor while they choose between three kinds of breakfast every morning.  The hotel also features a gym and three spacious meeting rooms.


While you are here, don’t forget to check out their Muji Retail too, which is one of China’s largest at 1,726 square meters and spanning over two levels.


One of the three Muji hotels to be built, the second in Beijing is slated to open this year and the third in Tokyo will open in Spring 2019.

Can’t wait!

UpperHills, No. 5001 Huanggang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P.R. China

Chinese address:
深圳市福田区皇岗路5001号 深业上城

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