Did President Halimah Yacob just slide into my DM?


TL;DR – What kind of scam is this? 

It has almost been a year since Mdm Halimah Yacob became the president of Singapore. I’ve met her before at an interview where I would say it was a good session considering the things we talked about. She was very friendly and down to earth but I wouldn’t say we are friends. C’mon, she is the President after all.

So I got a DM from her recently via Instagram.



Something’s not right. So I went and took a look at the account that sent me a message as well as the real account that I know exists. Fine, I am not following her on Instagram.

A for Effort.

I could have played along but I suppose I was in too much shock to tease this person. And also what if this account is legit. HAHA. Who am I kidding? Why would the President message me right? So the conversation went like this.

So as you can see, she saw my last message but she did not reply me. And instead…

I got blocked.

I really do not know what is the end game for this account. I seriously doubt she will ask me to buy her iTunes top-up cards or anything like that. Whatever the case, this is very most likely a scam so if you encounter this, please be warned and also share this with your friends. If you are free, please play along and let me know what this account is looking for.



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