Movie Review: 2359: The Haunting Hour

By August 13, 2018Entertainment

 TL;DR – Not sure if horror show or horrible show.

Catching horror movies is a must-do for many during the lunar seventh month to, erm get into the festive mood.

So this time round, my friends and I decided to catch 2359: The Haunting Hour, a remake of the original 23:59 film made 7 years ago.

But if you ask us, it’s more like the painful hour instead.

What can go wrong? I mean, it’s the seventh month and nothing beats horror stories involving national service in Singapore. Right? It’s something that almost every guy can relate to but amazingly, this show still managed to get everything wrong.

This movie is an anthology film like some of the popular Thailand horror films that came before it, such as 4bia and 3 A.M. Unlike these films, however, the team behind this movie tried to string the stories together with the help of a main protagonist/narrator. Also unlike the other shows, this show is not worth your time. Although it is sold as an army horror show, the army theme is hardly felt throughout the show as most of the scenes took place outside camp or has little to do with being in camp.

The second story is also just plain silly. Their effort of casting eye candy, Natalia Ng, did not help at all. It’s not uncommon for Hong Kong or even Thai horror movies to insert humour into the plot, but this show fails to draw the line between inserting humour and making it a joke. The humour was straight up lame, cringe-worthy, and simply tasteless. I believe I saw one moviegoer tossing popcorn in the air at some point during the show.

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(That person could have been me. Or maybe not.)

Overall, the whole show just feels disjointed regardless of the theme, storytelling, scenes, and humour (or rather, the lack off.) It’s truly a haunting experience no doubt.

Kudos to the amazing trailer, but that’s about it.


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