Have you wondered what is life like after politics?

TL;DR – They are humans after all.

There is only so much we know about a politician’s life. As a kid, I always wondered if our PM or President gets to visit my favourite hawker stall, catch a movie at the cinema, or are they even able to spend their weekends at the neighbourhood mall without their entire entourage in tow. Things are now different these days with social media platforms like Facebook and our politicians inevitably feel a lot closer to us.

So besides the typical home visits, selfie-taking with other politicians, and attending events, let’s take a look at how life is like after politics for our ESM Goh Chok Toh. Before you get all jealous with his life, please remember that he is after all 77 years old and has given his life to the country. Your time will come.

7am – Wake for morning walk, take a picture and send to friends reminding them to exercise. “Good morning, everyone!”


9am – Meet some people and prepare to go out to sea.

10am – Decide to catch some fish for lunch.

11am – Caught a turtle instead. “Eh, this is probably against the law. Better let him go before I tio Stomp-ed.”

11.30am – I kinda miss the turtle. Maybe I should go check if he found his family.

1pm – Meet old friends for lunch. He only has a short hour as he still has to go back to work. He is very hardworking.

3pm – #OOTD at the park and update followers. #Notsponsored

4pm – Check out the Trick Eye Museum in Langkawi. Always wanted to visit the one in Singapore but worried that people will wonder if it’s their eyes playing tricks on them instead.

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6pm – Chill on the swing, enjoy the sunset and wait for dinner. Also, don’t miss chance to take another #OOTD. #hypebeast

7pm – Dinner’s still not ready so I go into kitchen and check it out. “Eh, is that the Nemo that people are always trying to find? No? Oh? That’s a movie title? Maybe I should catch it on NetFlix.”


P.S. This article is confirm  plus chop #FakeNews. Don’t need fact check.




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