Vigilante taught JJ Lin concert ticket reseller a very important lesson

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TL;DR – Ticket-man 1 : Carousell Scalper – 0

If you are a regular concert goer you will probably know that there will always be this irritating group of people called scalpers who are not interested in the concert as much as they are interested in making a profit out of these tickets.

It frustrates real fans who want to pay honest money to watch their idol perform. To begin with, these tickets aren’t exactly cheap. Fans will usually stand by multiple gadgets just to hope that they can get into the online buying system and score the tickets for their favourite idols and those who fail will have to pay thousands of dollars on the black market otherwise known as Carousell for a chance to catch the concert.

For the uninformed, this is actually illegal.

This is how much the tickets should cost,

This is how much one can ask for on Carousell.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? So this gentleman decided to take things into his own hands.

(The original poster’s Facebook post is not set to public, but has uploaded the video, so here we go!)


For those who want to save your data and not play the video, here’s a short summary of what this video is about.

Vigilante, (let’s just call him Ticket-man for the superhero effect) logged on to Carousell to pose as a sincere buyer for JJ Lin’s concert tickets.

Ticket-man met Carousell seller.

Ticket-man requested for the ticket to take a look and immediately took a picture of it claiming that the ticket is now void.

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Ticket-man then started lecturing seller that this is not right and he shouldn’t do this.

“You want to hustle, you hustle the right way!” Image via

Ticket-man advising everyone that the only way to stop such selling is to stop buying.

Video ended with Ticket-man giving Carousell ticket seller a chance to interview and work at his firm if money is what he needs.

Let’s hope this is a good lesson to all sellers online. You could be the next target of Ticket-man, so STOP SELLING!


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  • Vyintl says:

    It’s not actually illegal to scalp tickets in Singapore, there’s no Law against it. I don’t support or condone the practice but atleast get the facts right

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