The Cavaliers and the Warriors are back in the NBA Finals 2018

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TL;DR – Fourth time in a row actually.

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Before we get all excited about the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, there is something big in the sports world that we first have to get off the table and that’s the NBA Finals. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are back in the NBA Finals for the fourth time in a row facing the same opponents, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Again. Yes, this is how amazing these two teams are despite some roadblocks for LeBron James but he still made it to the top. So technically-speaking, they could have just entered this new season without playing the regular season games and went straight to this finals rematch and fans will not miss out much.

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I think know  Singaporeans ain’t exactly big when it comes to following basketball (or NBA)  as compared to football (or soccer like we know it in America) so let me just get the essential straight for you guys in a quick and easy to digest manner in case this topic comes out in a work or bar conversation and you need to impress maybe a potential client, investor, or hot date.

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  • To set the record straight, the NBA Playoffs and Finals are played in a 7-games format where both teams will meet each other for at least four games and up to seven games if needed. In layman terms, it’s a race of four to win.
  • The playoffs and finals format has been changed to H(ome)-H-A(away)-A-H-A-H since 2013. For the unfamiliar, Home game advantage means a lot when it comes to the playoffs and finals.
  • LeBron James and the Cavaliers are the fifth team ever to make it four straight NBA Finals.
  • Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are the sixth team ever to make four straight NBA Finals.
  • LeBron is the only player who’s made it to the NBA Finals in eight consecutive years. This is followed by Stephen Curry, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with four years each.
  • The Warriors won two out of the last three finals, meeting in 2015 and 2017 while the Cavaliers beat Warriors in 2016 at a deciding game 7.
  • The win by the Cavaliers was the first major professional sports championship won by a team based in Cleveland since 1964, and the first-ever championship won by the Cavaliers franchise.
  • The 2016 win by Cavaliers was not only memorable due to the previous point but also because the Warriors was actually leading 3-1 and they basically lost three games in a row which make the Cavaliers only team in NBA Finals history to successfully overcome a 3–1 deficit.
  • The Golden State Warriors will have home court advantage this NBA Finals with better NBA record during regular season.
  • The Golden State Warriors has a record of 58 wins and 24 losses during regular season and a 12 wins and 5 losses playoffs record.
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers has a record of 50 wins and 32 losses during regular season and 12 wins and 6 losses playoffs record.
  • The Golden State Warriors won both meet ups against the Cleveland Cavaliers during this years regular season, 118 – 108, and 99 – 92.
  • That being said, those two games happened before February which means the Golden State Warriors have yet to have a taste of the new Cleveland team after they have a few mid-season trade. Then again, I wouldn’t say it’s much of a difference since the team is pretty much just LeBron doing everything himself.
  • On the injury list: Cavaliers with Kevin Love and Warriors with Andre Iguodala. Both are important piece to respective teams but I would say that the Cavaliers aren’t missing Kevin Love much with Jeff Green stepping up despite him in the last few games.
  • Prediction: Warriors in 5 games. I’m giving the one win to LeBron’s effort. Not the Cavaliers.
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