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By June 1, 2018Sports

TL;DR – NBA moments that matter to you.

NBA season is almost coming to an end with just the NBA Finals left. So here comes the Sauce awards! Some of these NBA players are surprisingly good actors, isn’t it? They are so funny!

P.S. Some of these awards are simply parodies and satire, so take everything with a huge grain of salt please.

Year 15 Award

I mean it’s either him or nobody else right?

Fortnite Player Of The Year

Yes, Fortnite is really big within the NBA players as well.

Most Polite Player

So much “truth” in this one.

Product of The Year

And the best PR person award goes to LaVar Ball.

Way-too-woke Award

11% sounds about right.

Back Home Award

2019, LeBron’s bringing his talent back to the South Beach. I’m calling shotgun on this.

Ron Baker Courage Award

Also running for best NBA Documentary Award 2018.

Troll of The Year

Watch closely to the “lots and lots of trash” scene. LOL.

Player Hater of The Year

And yes, the Lakers finally won something.

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