Superhero movies rake in the most at the box office

By May 23, 2018Entertainment

TL;DR – Surprise, surprise.

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With Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War launching not too long ago, are you curious about superhero movies and their box office earnings?

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As expected, Avengers: Infinity War is the biggest winner globally, but what surprises me is how Black Panther is still standing near the top of the USA box office despite all the marketing efforts for Avengers. Fun Fact, Black Panther has only 210 seconds of screen time in the 149-minute Avengers movie.

And no surprise, the only movies from DC comics are still the Dark Knight and Dark Knight rises which was aired like, a decade ago. Will anything change anytime soon with Marvel’s Ant-man and the Wasp as well as Aquaman coming up this year?

And for the curious, nope, DC’s version of the Avengers aka Justice League did not come anywhere close to the top 10. In fact its worldwide box office still falls below Black Panther’s domestic box office result.

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