Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, here’s what happened so far (Phase 3)

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TL;DR – A quick and dirty guide for you to play catch up.

Finally! The third and final installment of the catch up. Can we just watch the new movie already? So much anticipation, gee! Is Hawkeye in the show? What about Ant-man? How are they going to squeeze everything into ONE movie? Who is going to die? Is it going to be Captain America or IronMan? Will we see Deadpool? Fine, the last one probably ain’t gonna happen.

Captain America: Civil War – May 2016

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Although this show is titled after our overly patriotic man with iron shield, it felt a little like another Avengers movie due to the number of superheroes involved.

This shows introduced two new super heroes, the superhero who changed actors one time too many aka Spider-Man as well as the superhero with the coolest handshake. Yup, Black Panther.

With the destruction made by the superheroes over the years while trying to save the world, the United Nations ain’t too happy about it and want them to be registered. So clearly as the name suggest, the Avengers spilt into two camps.

While all these were happening, our superhero with too many names got himself caught up in the middle of yet another drama. PTSD rich boy genius found out that superhero with too many names was actually the murderer of his parents (plot twist!) when he got brainwashed by one evil organisation.

So this led to a big fight and the story ended with PTSD rich boy genius unfriending overly patriotic man with iron shield on Facebook. And he also asked overly patriotic man with iron shield to return him the shield because it belongs to him and overly patriotic man with iron shield who chose to side his BFF is deemed unfit to have that shield. Thus, he is currently just overly patriotic man with nice biceps and abs. And no shield.

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The show ended with overly patriotic man with nice biceps and abs taking refuge at hero with coolest handshake’s along with hero with too many names who decided that he should be put to sleep until they find a way to break his brainwashing curse.

Doctor Strange – November 2016

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Back story of our favourite Englishman, Sherlock Holmes, and how he got involved with this whole Avengers mambo jumbo.

This show introduces Sherlock Holmes and goes on to talk about how he got his power, and eventually saving the world by making a bargain with the devil.

He also inherited a powerful weapon from his clan that contains the fifth infinity stone that allows him to control time.

Yes, he is pretty cool.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – May 2017

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Yeah! The return of my favourite outlawed superheroes.

This movie explains the backstory of half earth boy and half alien with walkman. He finally got to meet his father who is somewhat a god and at the same time a planet. I know, it’squite  messed up.

This show has little to do with the upcoming movie but it’s really entertaining. And it also explains how green alien woman who is not a relative of Hulk who appeared in the first movie but I did not talk about it because she had such a small role then joined them in the battle against Thanos. She effectively switched from villain camp to hero camp.

And also new hero introduced – the girl with two antennas.

Spider-man: Homecoming – July 2017

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Yup, the superhero who changed actors one time too many is back with yet another reboot after Marvel Studio managed to get the rights back. Good news is that they are no longer going to start the story from the top where he got bitten by a spider again. We all knew how that went down.

This movie follows the events of Captain America: Civil War where PTSD rich boy genius gets acquainted with superhero who changed actors one time too many.

This show has nothing to do with infinity stones, it’s more like some domestic issues before superhero who changed actors one time too many learns about the real meaning of being a hero. At the end of the show, he was offered a place to be part of the Avengers but however, rejected it.

Thor: Ragnarok – November 2017

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For some strange reason, our ridiculously handsome but emo god is no longer emo in this show. He’s more like ridiculously handsome and funny god now. Seriously? Everything a woman loves in one single man? Handsome AND funny? And a god? Wow.

Anyway, this story surrounds around Thor’s family. The dad, the adopted brother aka world’s most mischievous and charming villain who kinda turned superhero at the end of the show, and their jealous exiled supervillain sister who obviously got killed at the end of the show. See guys, evil never wins, especially not in MCU. However she did destroy Thor’s precious hammer before dying. It’s complicated when you come from a family of gods with special power.

Everyone escaped Thor’s planet or some call it heaven since he is a god on a space vessel after the battle.

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And oh, before heaven was blown into pieces, our mischievous and charming hero happened to be at the store room of heaven where the tesseract (again) was stored. No prize for guessing who took it.

Black Panther – February 2018 

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The last movie before the highly anticipated Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War hits the big screen. Everyone has been waiting for this show since hero with the best hand shake was introduced few movies ago in Civil War.

The events happened after Civil War where the old king of Wakanda got killed in an attack. Hero with the best hand shake returns home to take over the technology advance hidden country, but Of course life is not all rainbows and butterflies and we don’t always get what we want. Same for even a hero.

If you watched lion king, this is almost like a remake of it where he tried take back his country. No surprise he got it back, he is once again the king of Wakanda. Wakanda ending were you expecting anyway?

The movie ended showing an awakened superhero with too many names. I guess it’s a hint that he is done with the whole brainwashing thing.

And with that, we are done with this quick and dirty yet not exactly the shortest summary of MCU. Now get your popcorn ready and let’s go Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity war! The time has come!


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