This is probably the most Instagrammed housing estate in Singapore

By April 20, 2018Local Life

TL;DR – Hotspot revealed.

Image via Google Maps

This like just a normal house right? Wait till you see the pictures below.

Contrary to popular belief that instagrammers (or social media influencers) only “need to take a photo and upload”, a lot actually goes into every picture. From choosing the outfit to looking for a good location and in the case of this article, this involves going to the right houses.

Or rather, in front of these houses.

According to Singapore’s top influencer @dreachong,

and probably one of the youngest and most established globetrotters in Singapore @prettyfrowns,

and the instagrammer who likes to sells you love and her wedding @melissackoh…

You get the idea.

Even my partner-in-crime @floraisabelle was there – with her newborn in tow.

How do you know if you have made it as an influencer? When other influencers get influenced by you perhaps.

And finally, yours truly. I know I’m not as pretty as them but I also gave it a shot. Because you know, FOMO.

Not sure how these homeowners feel about having random strangers standing outside their house every day though.

(All images via Instagram)

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