Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, here’s what happened so far (Phase 2)

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TL;DR – A quick and dirty guide for you to play catch up.

If you have read the previous post, then you will know what this is all about. If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? Go read that article first.

So in this post, we will take a quick look at phase 2 of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s films dated from 2013 to 2015.

Let’s go!

Iron Man 3 – May 2013

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Five years after the first Iron Man movie, we welcome back egoistic rich boy genius Tony Stark and yet another pair of not-so-impressive villains, which includes probably the most disappointing villain in MCU – the Mandarin, and self-exploding man, Killian.

This story happens some years after the very first Avengers movie where New York City was attacked by our world’s most mischievous and charming villain Loki and his ugly aliens. Due to the attack, said egoistic rich boy genius has now become PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) rich boy genius.

After experiencing what happened some time back, he got obsessed with trying to privatise world peace and put all responsibility on his shoulders. He actually built 912735867123 different suits that he can control remotely and use as an army which didn’t really last that long as they all burned into flames at the end of the show while fighting Killian who ironically became a villain because of the humiliation egoistic rich boy genius put him through years before he became a superhero. Not so super back then but still egoistic and rich, he sure is everybody’s best friend.

No surprise here, PTSD rich boy genius won the battle and he got to enjoy some peace and harmony again although not for long.

Thor: The Dark World  – November 2013

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The return of our ridiculously handsome but emo god.

In summary, god versus aliens. Where? On earth. Seriously, can’t you guys just pick another arena? Ridiculously handsome but emo god had a tough time fighting the aliens so instead of turning to the other Avengers whom he had acquainted with previously, he was desperate enough to turn to our world’s most mischievous and charming villain who is serving time in god jail for the destruction he did during the Avengers’ movie for help. Which part of this actually sounds like a good idea? Seriously?

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Maybe Thor was too shy or didn’t have a mobile phone to reach out to the rest but it just doesn’t make sense that none of these guys actually volunteered to help. Hello? ANYONE? Friends from work?

However, ridiculously handsome but emo god managed to beat the villain aliens (duh!) with the help of world’s most mischievous and charming villain who later turned his back on him and over-throned their father, as well as ridiculously pretty and smart scientist and her team of not so super crew that includes the doctor who you probably recognised from the previous movies as well as one of the 2 Broke Girls, and her unpaid intern.

The show is pretty boring until the post-credits scene where ridiculously handsome but emo god’s colleague brought another of the infinity stone which was found in alien villain’s weapon to alien karang guni to safekeep. This is also one of the milestones of the whole MCU where yet another infinity stone was being introduced after the very first one which was found in the Tesseract.

So two stones were finally introduced after eight movies. Wow.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – April 2014

Probably the greatest bromance of all time. Image via

This is a love story between our overly patriotic man with iron shield and his bff aka Bucky aka Winter Soldier aka White Wolf aka potentially the next Captain America. He seriously has way too many names, so let’s just call him superhero with too many names.

Like all good Hollywood romance comedies, superhero with too many names was obviously not in love with our overly patriotic man with iron shield. After some twist of events which is not exactly important to the whole MCU, overly patriotic man with iron shield was deemed a traitor to the country.

With the help of sexy woman spy aka Black Widow who is her colleague and his new superhero sidekick aka Jiao Lang (Birdman in Hokkien) they managed to solve all the problems while bumping into superhero with too many names.

It was later explained that superhero with too many names was actually brainwashed by villain organisation, Hydra. However, the meetup between him and overly patriotic man somehow gave him back his memories, and they fall in love again and lived happily ever after. The end.

Fine, that did not happen, they got into a fight where overly patriotic man did not want to because he still loves superhero with too many names.

Blah blah blah, all problems solved, superhero with too many names saved overly patriotic man with iron shield, and ran into hiding.

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Postcredits scene shows a man saying that they have started test on two subjects, one with superhuman speed and the other with telekinetic abilities. These two superhuman would later be seen in the next Avengers’ movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy – August 2014

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So far we have been talking about shows that pretty fall into pieces eventually but now we we will talk about one that probably doesn’t.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie somewhat like a fastforwarded version of Avengers but with a group of outlaws instead of your conventional goody two shoes superheroes.

You know how the rest of the Avengers actually each have their own movies depicting their backstories about how they became superheroes? Well, Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t, which shows the lack of importance of their backstories.

Fine, earth boy with walkman’s back story is pretty important as it links to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2. In this movie, little was shared besides the fact that he was an earthling being kidnapped by alien and made to serve him as a space pirate.

Green Girl Alien who is not a relative of Hulk actually has a backstory that is not exactly interesting but kinda important. She is the adopted daughter of our main villain – Thanos.

The rest, such as the racoon who hates to be called racoon, that ex-WWEwrestler, as well as the plant who can speak (albeit only one line) do not have important backstories so let’s move on.

However, this is my personal favourite movie of the MCU.

The five outlaws met over a series of events that boils down to one reason – the third infinity stone of the movie series.

So after a series of fights and jokes, the guardians got the stone and left it with the nova corps which is somewhat like the police of the galaxy.

At the end of the show, earth boy with walkman also learned that he is actually only half earth boy and half alien. This fact might not be important now but it will lead to the next movie which is not exactly the next movie of the MCU.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – May 2015

Not sure is this show the Age of Ultron or Days of Ultron. Like all the other movies from MCU, all the villains just get killed off way too quickly.

In summary, this movie is yet another Matrix or iRobot where artificial intelligence not-so-super villain Ultron created by our heroes goes sideways and decides to take over the world but lucky for us, we have world-saving humans, robots, and aliens.

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Age of Ultron introduced a few new heroes into the lineup which includes probably the fastest man in MCU, Quicksilver. Not only is he the fastest in terms of moving speed and he was also the fastest hero that died in the MCU. There’s also the red girl who moves things around without touching them, Scarlet Witch (now get your head out of the gutter) and her AI boyfriend who was created thanks to the fourth infinity stone that the Avengers got hold of while saving the twins in Sokovia. The fourth infinity stone was actually all along hidden in the scepter that Loki wielded in Avengers 1.

At the end of the show, the show sent off our big green machine Hulk into space which explains his absence in the following Captain America: Civil War movie.

Ant-man – July 2015

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This is the backstory of the world’s tiniest thief aka Ant-man. Like Ironman, he has no power himself. Unlike Ironman, however, he is not rich, he didn’t make his own suit, he is not that smart and he is actually a thief.

This is yet another one of those shows that you can actually skip if you just wish to watch The Avengers’: Infinity War.

Only thing you need to know is how he got involved with the rest of the Avengers – he basically went to the Avengers headquarters to steal something for his mission and during that visit, he met Jiao Lang and had a brief fight with him.

In the post-credit scene, Jiao Lang was in trouble along with overly patriotic man with iron shield and superhero with too many names and the Jiao Lang suggested that he knows someone who can help them – by that he’s referring to world’s tiniest thief.

We still have no idea if he is going to be in the upcoming movie, however, he has yet another solo movie coming up after The Avengers’: Infinity War. According to reports, the events happening in his second movie actually happened before the infinity war. So let’s wait and see how these pieces fall into place.

And that’s the end of phase two of MCU. Phew.

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