Ready Player One is simply the mother of pop culture

By April 17, 2018Entertainment

TL;DR – Players, are you ready?

I went into the cinema the other day with little expectations simply because I’ve read and seen so many mixed reports online and after 139 minutes, I finally realised why so.

This is one of those movies where you will either love or hate. No in-betweens. You know how some movies have easter eggs? This movie is simply a major mashup of eastern eggs. Being a self-proclaimed pop culture geek, well, I loved the show. I was bedazzled by every single scene with so many things happening and to spot.

I died the moment I saw this ride. My favourite cinematic ride of all time coming even ahead of the millennium falcon. Image via

Being a 80s kid and still acting like one in year 2018, everything seems so relatable. From movies, songs, comics, and gaming, it’s a dream come true for geeks like me. Sadly not everyone feels the same – because of the excessive amount of easter eggs in the movie, I can understand why some feel that the movie is very choppy and lacks depth.

One of the scenes that got me gaga. I didn’t expect them to reference a scene from a romantic comedy but being a big fan of romcom, I totally appreciate this scene. Thanks guys. Image via

My biggest question for this movie is about intellectual property rights. How much trouble did they go through and how much was paid? I tried googling for an answer but the closest I got was this,

“It’s Spielberg, not only the most respected filmmakers of all time, but probably also the richest”.

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So I guess it’s him or nobody?

IMHO, this is probably the best show of 2018 thus far. 5/5 popcorns from me!


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