Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, here’s what happened so far (Phase 1)

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After years of anticipation, the cornerstone of Marvel Cinematic Universe – Infinity War is finally going to be on the big screen come 27 April.

The very first show that started the whole series was Iron Man which was on the big screen some 10 years ago in 2008. For those who didn’t jump on the bandwagon then because you were too disappointed by all the superhero movies that happened before this or maybe you were too young to watch any of the shows, here’s a summary of everything that’s happened in each movie before Infinity War.

Read this and be prepared for the main event!

Iron Man – May 2008 

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Egoistic rich boy genius Tony Stark found out that his creation had been misused during his brutal kidnap and he hence made a suit of Iron (though the actual material probably isn’t iron) and decided to save the world. The suit came with a mask not so much to hide his identity but more to protect his pretty face considering the fact that he couldn’t wait to expose his real identity to the world at the end of the show. Since then, Iron Man was born and the not-so-secret security department of S.H.I.E.L.D then reached out to him and asked him to stop being such a show-off. After all, he ain’t the only superhero in town. Roll credits.

The Incredible Hulk – June 2008 

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Super smart man got exposed to radiation and will become this big, green and mean guy every time his heart rate goes over 200. Hulk destroyed everything, goes into hiding, got into trouble, saved the day but still ended up being hunted. At the end of the show, above-mentioned egoistic rich boy genius reached out and informed him that a team is being put together. And also asked him why don’t his pants tear when he becomes Hulk. (Fine, that last part didn’t happen.)

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You will also notice the actor was later replaced. And no, that’s not the side effect of radiation.

Iron Man 2 – May 2010 

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In summary, egoistic rich boy genius got into more trouble and yet saved the day with the help of sexy woman spy aka Black Widow, who effectively has no superpowers besides the fact that she is super hot and sexy in that insanely undersized outfit.

This movie can actually be taken out of the MCU and nothing changes.

And also, they found a hammer that belongs to some ridiculously handsome but emo god that will lead to the next movie.

Thor – May 2011 

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This movie is basically the background story of ridiculously handsome but emo god. This story unfolds and tells us that he is in fact just an alien and not really a god. How he was actually a spoilt brat, made some mistakes, got sabotaged and hence stripped off of his powers and got banished onto earth to learn his ways.

Like all good movies, it includes some values about team work and humanity. Of course, ridiculously handsome but emo god will eventually overcome all challenges, get his power back and also flirt with a ridiculously pretty and smart scientist in the process. This show is basically another remake of Lion King i.e. young prince trying too hard to be king, gets banished and eventually earning back his place.

In the process, the show also effortlessly created the world most mischievous and charming villain ever – Loki.

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Captain America: The first avenger – July 2011 

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This show was set in 1942 where it all begins.

There was once a man who was too short and skinny for the army. But because he was patriotic and would do anything for the country, he signed up for Project Frankenstein. He was lucky the experiment somehow went his way because he could come out as a man with hair all over and blue skin but that didn’t really happen. Instead he become the centrefold model that looks like he walked straight out of GQ magazine.

He soon became the face of the American Army and was flown around to motivate everyone involved in the war instead of actually fighting the war. Yup, they created a supersoldier but decided to make him the mascot instead. Shrugs.

The show ended when he killed supervillain – sunburnt man aka Red Skull – and also sacrificed himself by flying a plane that was going to blow up because of an alien weapon of mass destruction aka the Tesseract into the arctic.

This overly patriotic man with iron shield was presumed dead when he flew the plane into the arctic but woke up 70 years later when the one eyed director from S.H.I.E.L.D told him that he had been asleep for the past 70 years and now he is needed to save the world. Like real wars now bro, not a mascot anymore.

Marvel’s The Avengers – May 2012 

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The stage was finally set for all the heroes to come together. This show was also known as every fanboy’s wet dream. After chasing the series for four years, all the above-mentioned superheroes finally came together on one big scream to fight for screen time.

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They also introduced a lesser hero who self proclaims that he never misses, who appeared for no more than two scenes before becoming a lesser villain. This guy is known as Hawkeye.

So our world’s most mischievous and charming villain returns to the MCU along with an army of ugly aliens in exchange for retrieving the Tesseract. Yeah, it’s about the Tesseract again. So with the weapon he managed to brainwash some people to work for him and his main objective is to open a wormhole to allow the invasion of the ugly army which obviously got thwarted by our superheroes.

Like every superhero movies, the heroes beat the villain. The phase one of MCU came to an end with all the heroes including the lesser villain whom now got his brainwash curse lifted and returned to become a lesser superhero who self proclaims that he never misses eating in silence at a shawarma restaurant after a long day at work.

This is also the very first movie where they show a short scene of our main villain in the upcoming movie.


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