Instagrammers need to be stop being so pretentious. Or not?

By March 27, 2018Entertainment

TL;DR – Oh the irony.

A few days ago, this picture-perfect image was uploaded onto the Instagram account of newlywed Melissa Koh, or better known as @melissackoh. Accompanying the image, was this caption that is probably why the post was subsequently deleted after:

“Thinking to myself: when would the world stop being so superficial and instagrammers stop being so pretentious. #letsbereal #thoughtstoponder”

As the post has already been deleted as mentioned, you will not be able to see this post nor the comments but not to worry, let’s all hail the mighty function of screenshots.

To be honest, as a rather active Instagram user myself, I do agree that the social media platform can get rather superficial and pretentious. I mean, don’t we all spend too much time trying to get that best picture (that looks like it was effortlessly taken in one shot)? Guilty as charged.

That being said though, it is now 2018 and this is how the platform works now. Everybody is trying to take the best possible pictures for their Instagram account, whether you’re an “influencer” or not. Except my Mom maybe. If you are interested in following my Mom on Instagram, please drop me a DM.

So here are the replies to that thought-provoking caption,

Most seem to support her views.

We also have the altruistic ones who truly believe that social media should be used to save the world,

And then we have this.

Which garnered way more than 40 likes the last time we saw before it got deleted.

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Oh well, guess you don’t get to 249k followers without making a few enemies.

Images via Instagram. 


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