This influencer went into $10,000 debt trying to become InstaFamous

TL;DR – Fake it till you make it. Or die.  

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The common misconception by most social media users is that it costs nothing to be a social media influencer. All you have to do to become internet famous is to register a free account with Instagram right?

Well, 26-year-old Lissette Calveiro (and probably many other  bloggers/influencers around the world) will beg to differ.

Calveiro reportedly spent $200 every month on clothes so she wouldn’t be photographed in the same outfit twice, and she also purchased a designer product such as handbag that cost over $1000 every month to show off in her pictures.

We all know that travel is probably the biggest content on Instagram and of course, a huge chunk of her investment went into traveling as well.

And eventually before she knew it, she was living above her means and she ended up in over $10,000 debt.

My two cents

It comes as no surprise to me since social media has always been about feeding on voyeurism and envy.


“WAHHH. This steak looks damn good. Let’s go try next week.” 


One might ask what about those free deals or sponsorship? Like every business, investment is needed and before you attract the type of “freebies” you want. Reality is that you have to start spending and doing things of that type to attract the interest of clients.

No client is going to sponsor anyone that has no following and nobody is going to follow an account that specialises in nothing. Are you a key opinion leader in travel? Tech? Food? Parenting? Or simply just luxurious living? This is exactly the reason why when one hits me up asking me how to be a blogger, my advice has always been do it if you are really passionate and good at what you do. Don’t get out of your own comfort zone and simply do it for the money or fame. You got to have something that you like to share and readers like to consume to keep things going.

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And it also helps if you are good looking. Superficial no doubt but you can’t deny that.

I know I’m not exactly the Michael Jordan of influencers to be giving advice but Phil Jackson didn’t need to have 6 rings as a player to convince MJ that he is the coach that will lead him to 6. I don’t know why I’m making NBA reference when most readers probably won’t get it either.

(Shrugs, I hope my editor doesn’t take this out)

Editor’s note: I just did.

So the next time you bump into an influencer, keep that envy to yourself. It’s not all freebies and definitely not “all-you-had-to-do-is-to-take-a-picture-and-upload”.

Time and money were invested to get to where they are. It is a full-time job.

And also, the Internet is not always real so don’t compare your life to others’ highlight reel.


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