5 Things you need to know before Jessica Jones Season 2

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TL;DR – Our favourite drunken female superhero is back!

If you are a Netflix subscriber, I’m sure you would already about Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the web television series specially created for Netflix by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.

If you aren’t, then the good news is that you are just in time to season two. We’ll do a quick guide for you here, you’re welcome.

Who is Jessica Jones?

Like almost every other superhero out there, she too has a sad background story. You know, like how Batman has no parents, Jones lost her parents and brother to a car crash when she was a child. The crash injured her, but she was able to recover thanks to a mysterious paramilitary group called IGH, which she has to thank for her super-strength, super-healing, and super-leap abilities. She was then adopted by a manipulative and abusive mother of Trish Walker. Jones ain’t exactly your conventional superhero who decides to use her powers to make the world a better place but instead she chooses to use it for her own benefits, and in this case, to be a private investigator. To be honest, given the power I would probably do a lot more.

What happened in Season 1?

At the end of Season One, the main villian, Kilgrave, got killed by Jones. Jones also got herself into a lawsuit but got out of it with the help of Jeri Hogarth, the manipulative, no-nonsense lawyer who hires Jones for her private investigation skills. Hogarth is also Marvel’s first lesbian.

Jones is then recognised as the city’s hero.

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Who are the Defenders?

Familiar with The Avengers? The Defenders are a Netflix version of them albeit with less powers. Not too sure if they will ever get to be featured on the big screen with the rest of the Marvel Universe but these guys have their own way of solving crimes. The Defenders basically consist of a blind lawyer with super senses, an ex-police turned ex-convict with metal skin who happens to be Jessica Jones’s ex-boyfriend (who became her husband in the comics), an entitled white boy who learnt some form of Chinese Kung Fu from a mystical place call K’un-lun (which he can’t exactly pronounce by the way) and last but not least, Jessica Jones herself.

Each of them has their own NetFlix original series as well as The Defenders which was released last August.

If you do not have time to watch them all, you can just skip Ironfist. It sucks.

Some important Characters that you need to know.

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Trish Walker – Her somewhat adopted sister who owns her own radio show. Walker has always been supportive towards Jones and encourages her to use her superpower to help others.

Will Simpson – Think Captain America but an evil version who has gone wrong. Simpson is basically this “combat enhancer” drug obsessed ex-police officer who dated Walker in Season 1.

Malcolm Ducasse – Jones drug addict neighbour turned assistant after she helped him to get his life back together.

Jeri Hogarth – What seems like the only lawyer in Marvel’s NetFlix Originals besides Daredevil. She also made cameos in Daredevil, Ironfist, as well as The Defenders.

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When and where can I watch it?

Jessica Jones will be on NetFlix come 8 March 2018.



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