SIA says it hasn’t forgotten “what set it apart from others”

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TL;DR – You say, I say.

In response to forum letters about the “worsening experience on SIA flights”, here’s what Marvin Tan, Senior Vice-President Customer Services & Operations has to say:

We thank our customers for their feedback (Airline succumbing to external pressures, by Mr Arthur Lim, Feb 6; Worsening experience on SIA flights, by Mr Rahul Gupta, Feb 6; SIA headed the wrong direction, by Mr Peter Loon, Feb 3), and wish to reassure them that we are listening and investing heavily in initiatives to enhance our customer experience.

We have recently set up a new Customer Experience division to oversee multiple efforts across the travel chain, for example, and are rolling out new cabin products for our A-380 fleet and new Boeing 787-10 aircraft that will begin service shortly.

We are also improving our lounges around the world and, as part of our digital innovation blueprint, are tapping new technology that will improve the customer experience across all stages of the travel journey and all classes of travel.

Most importantly, we are clear about what has helped Singapore Airlines become what it is today – and that is the care and service provided by our staff, both on the ground and in the air.

We know we must never lose sight of this, and will continue to work and invest in the right areas, such as training and learning, to ensure that it remains a key differentiator for us.

We strive to put our customers first, and value our customers’ feedback as part of our efforts to constantly improve.

We know also that actions matter, beyond words, and that we must prove, with what we do, that we have not forgotten our roots and not lost sight of what sets Singapore Airlines apart from others.

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However, judging by Facebook comments, it seems that customer aren’t that entirely convinced.

Here’s why:




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