The Instagrammer’s guide to the Marina Bay Carnival

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TL;DR – Want to get that winning shot? Here’s how.

Nobody died and make me the @brandonwoelfel of Singapore but there are some pictures I took at the Marina Bay Carnival. If you are looking to hit the carnival not for the games and rides, but to take pictures for the ‘gram instead, here are some things you might need to know.

That ‘Welcome to the Carnival’ shot

What you need: A model (Thanks @helloqing_ for agreeing to get shot).

Where: Bayfront Event Space – First right turn after you enter the carnival.

Tips: This shot is best taken when the sun is about to set where the sky is neither too bright nor too dark (duh!)

That Carousel where more people were taking photos in front of, instead of riding it shot

What you need: People to get out of the way and loads of luck.

Where: Bayfront Event Space – You can’t miss this. It’s right in the middle of the carnival.

Tips: Pray. You need some luck to get a clear shot with no one blocking you. Or you can just visit it on a weekday or maybe in mid-February where the hype is over, but not in March as the carnival will end 1 April and that’s when everyone who hasn’t visited the carnival yet will start to do so.

That game booth shot

Eyes on the prize

What you need:  A model and some money to get credits. How to get credits? You can purchase a card and get it topped up with credits at a top-up booth. They are everywhere, you can’t miss them. Where to get money? Get a job.

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Where: They have one each at both the Bayfront Event Space as well as Promontory. You might not see it first but I’m sure you can hear it. Just follow the non-stop TIIIIING TIIIING TING TING TING TIIIIIIINGGGGG sounds. (The ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka)

Tips: I like my shots with some human elements so it only make sense that someone is playing at the game booth. But if you prefer not to it’s fine. Matter of preference. There are many game booths to choose from and I selected the ring-toss game. Not only is it because it’s the most popular game but also because it’s actually an island booth where all 4 sides of the booth are easily accessible. This allows you to be directly opposite the subject instead of just standing beside him/her where you can only take a picture of her side profile. Best to include some passersby and prizes for that carnival vibe!

That Star Flyer in front of our city skyline shot

What you need: Loads of space or a wide angle lens.

Where: Promontory – I was standing in front of the trampoline where this shot was taken.

Tips: I like my scenery pictures’ perspective to be flat. In order to do that you can either be 1. really tall, 2. have long arms, 3. very hard working to bring a ladder along, or 4. learn how to use Lightroom to adjust the perspective. If you already know how to use Lightroom, you probably do not need this tip from me. And for those who don’t, you can just use the native “Adjust” function on your Instagram app to adjust your perspective to be as flat as possible.

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That basic bitch Mach 5 shot

What you need: Definitely a tripod. This picture above was my desperate attempt without a tripod. The blurred game booth at the side of the picture kills me a little every single time my eyes sees it. And of course, patience, loads of it.

Where: Just follow the screams. Depending on your preference, there are a lot of angle to shoot this. It’s basically a big rainbow lollipop wheel when done right. The Internet loves it no matter where you are shooting it from.

Tips: Mach 5 is the highlight of the carnival. It’s like heading to Beijing and not hitting the Great Wall of China if you do not take a shot at this. No surprise here, textbook slow-shutter shot. Just remember your tripod. If all else fail, use boomerang.


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