A whole new level of Star Wars mania!

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TL;DR – May the force be with you.

So Star Wars: The Last Jedi just opened recently.


I’ve not watched the show yet, so there won’t be any spoilers in this. And please, don’t anyone leave any comments that spoil the movie for anyone. Don’t spoil the fun for the rest of us, especially the Star Wars fans and fanatics amongst us. Believe you me, some people are quite huge fans of Star Wars.

Like this guy.

He booked entire theatre to watch Last Jedi

Car workshop and credit management firm boss Mr Alex Low is such a fan that he booked a 170-seat theatre in Golden Village Suntec City for friends, family and fellow Ferrari Owners’ Club Singapore members.

He even managed to get some of his friends to dress up as characters from Star Wars. He himself dressed up as Kylo Ren. And you know Mr Low is a true fan because that private screening was the third time he watched the show.

Star Wars theme holiday light show with 15,000 lights

Overseas, there are also many who are fanatic about Star Wars. Matt Johnson from Texas is one such person. Using 15,000 lights, he turned his someone else’s house into an epic Star Wars themed light show.


Why did Matt not use his own house?

Because he did something similar back in 2015. It drew a large crowd and created such terrible traffic issues that he said he had to shut it down after two weeks. That’s why this year, he chose a house where there’s easy traffic flow and a big grassy area right across the street where people can congregate.

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Disney gets Episode IV

OK. This one isn’t really about anyone who is fanatic about Star Wars. But it’s news that would warm the hearts of every Star Wars fan.

You see, Disney was set to get the ownership of theatrical, nontheatrical and home video rights to all the Star Wars film except the first Star Wars film (that’s Episode IV). Twentieth Century Fox co-financed and co-produced that in 1977, so Fox maintains a grip on Episode IV, and a portion of revenues from its sales and distribution, in perpetuity. That’s long been viewed as an obstacle to any future releases of “ultimate” Star Wars box sets, collecting the entire saga to date.

But, Disney has agreed to acquire many of 21st Century Fox’s key assets, including its film production studios, the entertainment giant will be able to add Star Wars: A New Hope fully into its portfolio. That means that Star Wars fans can look forward to  a shimmering new box set with every film in the Star Wars franchise. Of course, the deal is still subject to the approval of shareholders and U.S. government regulators. But with luck, by the time Episode IX arrives in theaters in December 2019, we could get our hands on that box set.

May the force be with you

The show has generally received good reviews. Will it answer all those questions that were left hanging from The Force Awakens? I don’t know. And don’t tell me. I shall watch it and find out for myself, thank you very much. And even though I know it’ll leave a gaping hole in my soul that won’t be filled until I watch Episode IX, I know I will enjoy the Last Jedi.

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And I hope you will too.


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