Singaporean man got scammed of $130,000 and his trust

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TL;DR – He wanted to make a quick baht.

Update (8 Nov 2017) – Allan Tan has contacted us with the information that he had filed a police report. He says that what Vincent Ong had claimed “is untrue and has deeply affected” him.

A certain Facebook post has been making its round around the Internet warning people not to get scammed.

Shared by victim Vincent Ong, a businessman who runs an amulet auction business who is also a recipient of multiple business awards as seen from his Facebook profile.

This is no ordinary scam like those you have seen on CrimeWatch where one sells a magic stone to another, or one of those DHL parcel scams.

According to Ong, this scam is much bigger because the scammer will first make you his friend and then cheat both your money and trust.

Here’s how the scam works in 5 simple steps:

Step 1. Earn trust (Not clearly mentioned how.) 

Step 2. Show you are rich by flashing your bank account.

Step 3. Give a good exchange rate that you can’t say no to.

Step 4. Ask you to give him your money before he gives you his.

Step 5. Run away.

For those who don’t have a Facebook account, here’s the original account:


Please help to likes and share to all groups in singapore, Thailand, China and Malaysia.

Calling out to all those that had been scam and cheated by this tan Allan to make police reports details of this person I have. All details and proof of cheating all collect and do it together. Today is me cheated by him. Tomorrow may be you and your family and friends.

His personal details.
Name: Tan Allan
Nric: s84xxx04A
Address: blk x marine drive.

Method and details of cheating.

Using time to Build trust with you 1st.
Using money to fish money. (Let you know where he stay and how much money he had. So that you wouldn’t think that he would cheat you off.

I know this tan Allan from Facebook bidding. He is a Singaporean staying in Bangkok. On March 2017, I meet him at Bangkok and get to know him from then. Ever since then, whenever I go Bangkok, he would ask us to meet up with him.

1. )
On sept 2017, last month. Allan and 1 of my friend are planning to venture into business in Bangkok, a bbq seafood restaurant. Allan invited me into partnership together with my friend. Each of us will fork out sgd $30k. As discussed, Allan and my friend will be mending the shop at Bangkok. Thus, the shares are 40-40-20(20% for me). I agree to this arrangement and pass him sgd $30k cash the next day.

It is planned that the bbq seafood to be open on December 2017. He show us the empty piece of land he rented for our business and tell us he arrange for contractors to build the restaurant and renovation and etc. and arrange for Feng Shui for this oct 2017 trip to Bangkok.

2. )
During his last visit to singapore, he told me and even show me his bank account that he had 9mil+ baht in his Thai bank and he wants to change back to sgd. cos wants to invest another private house in singapore. but the bank exchange rate from Thai baht to sgd is 25.xx. So he offered us to change at 25 rate to us. (The exchange rate from sgd to Thai baht is around 24.xx.)

Since I will be changing sgd $100k (which include tamboon to kruba collected from our butterfly family member) the higher exchange rate is a gain for me too. So I agree to change with him.

He told me that he had prepared 2.5mil Thai baht in his house in Bangkok. He will pass me 2.5mil Thai baht when we reach Bangkok on 18/10/17.

On 16/10/17, he told me to bring sgd $100k to showroom the next day to pass him first.

On 17/10/17, around 7pm.I passed him sgd $45k in showroom, which is witness by many butterfly amulet family members and they know that the money is for exchange to Thai baht. (And with video prove and time of me passing money to him.) He then left my showroom saying he have something on and will come back later in the night time. And he did come back after.

On 17/10/17, around 1-2am. We left showroom to go home. He come to my car and say he want to follow me back home to take the remaining sgd $55k. Kelly say that it’s not convenient and we will pass him on 18/10/17 morning but he insisted and say that he need to bring the money back and ask his mother to bank in. So, out of no choice.. we agreed and fetch him to my house and passed him sgd $55k.

On 17/10/17, he told us that he is taking SQ flight, which is 30mins earlier than us, we arranged to meet at singapore airport for breakfast before flying to Bangkok.

18/10/17, 5.30am. We call and message him but he did not reply at all. We all thought that he might have overslept and didn’t think much. But I didn’t have money with me because all my money is with Allan already. So Kelly and I went to atm to withdraw as much as we could.

18/10/17, 7.40am. We boarded the plane but Allan still have not reply us.

18/10/17, 10am we reach Bangkok and saw his reply. He said he overslept and board the next flight we check the flight status and know that the flight will reach around 12pm. We all waited in airport for him to arrived.

12pm…… he reply “landed” then no more reply anymore..

1pm…. he still didn’t reply us.

2pm…. he still didn’t reply us.

We waited 4 hours in Bangkok airport for him but he did not appear at all. No choice, we finally leave airport and goes to korat.

As all can see. This tan Allan had all plan out at the very beginning. Step by step to gain the trust and scam us. It’s all carefully plan and execute his cheating scam.

I had entrusted total amount of sgd $130k to Allan.
Which include sgd $30k for business venture and sgd $100k for exchange to Thai baht.

He might change his appearance. When I first know him, he was slim. Few months later he gain lots of weight.

Ps: this is the result of trusting people. He had been a con man since young, as told to us by those people that had been con by him.
Let’s bring him to justice!!!!!!

Not sure if the moral of the story should be “trust no one” or “When it comes to money exchange, always make sure the other party remembers to bring his cash, especially when it is above $100,000.”

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More importantly, you have been warned and be sure to keep a lookout for this person!


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