Joining the Police or SCDF is apparently a low-class job

By September 8, 2017Current, Hoaxes & Rumours

TL;DR – Not sure confession or fan fiction. 

Most likely not newsworthy or worth discussing about since we’ve no idea most of the time regarding the authenticity of such posts but this is simply too epic to miss.

So according to this confession, having a career as a police or fire fighter is a “dirty career” as well as the career choice for “some people”. Of course, the internet went crazy over this. Compared to the other 20,000 confessions that saw no more than two shares on average, this post actually garnered over 500 shares in less than seven hours.

As incredulous as this confession may seem, it also shows us that there is still faith in humanity as seen from these replies on the internet.


What we’re wondering about is also this: With the Internet fighting fake news everyday, should such precious attention still be given to these “confession” sites? Especially when the content owner of these specific posts can do so without fearing any consequences since they can do it anonymously?

The outrage and reaction is very real as seen from the replies above. Such (fictitious) messages exploit how news functionally travel along social networks. The posts can be harnessed when it gains critical traction to be utilised as instruments to wield fear, power, and ultimately throw our social fabric into disarray. Maybe that was the final, intended purpose?

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