Which type of Instagram Account is Shirwin Eu?

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This post is part of the series Presidential hopefuls as Instagram influencers

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TL;DR – We play social media guru.

With multi-millionaire and popular TV personality Donald Trump becoming the President Of The United State, and actor Dwayne Johnson or otherwise better known as The Rock expressing his interest to be the next POTUS, I would make a not-so-intelligent-guess that not every voter out there will vote based on who is best to run the country but probably based on who has a more familiar face or in social media speak, more influential in his or her own way.

While some say there is more than one way to skin a cat, we believe that there is more than one way to manage your social media account/s. In this series of posts, we share our humble take on the different types of social media accounts (and hence influencers) there are out there and which category we think the various Presidential hopefuls fall under.

(By the way, who died and make me a social media guru? Nobody haha but I guess running a social media consultancy might lend us some credibility. Give chance lah…)

So anyway, we came out with four common social media types for our four hopefuls, care to make a guess who’s who?

  • The Celebrity
  • The Real Influencer
  • The Brand and last but not least,
  • The User
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This post is part of the series Which type of Instagram influencer are our Singapore Presidential hopefuls? i.e. stay tuned for the rest of the posts. We had previously written about Halimah Yacob’s social media presence here, and now we will examine Shirwin Eu’s.

*Disclaimer, Some of the posts you find in these articles do belongs to actual hopefuls while some are curated by the team for illustration purposes.

The User, Shirwin Eu

Since the real @shirwineu doesn’t seem to use Instagram much, we have taken the liberty to imagine what it would look like based on our perception of him so far.

Firstly, who is he again?

Mr Shirwin Eu is a private-hire driver.

For the uninitiated, his first shot at politics when he had intended to run for the Bukit Panjang SMC seat as an independent candidate in the 2015 General Election, and subsequently as an independent candidate again in the Bukit Batok by-election.

Even though this year’s Presidential Election is reserved for Malay applicants, Shirwin says,

“I understand that this is a reserved election for minorities, for Malay candidates, but the verdict is not out yet…”

“But I think there’s always a chance for the government to review its intentions. I am not sure if the Malay community wants to do that because there may be some repercussions and setbacks to it.”

Based on our impression of him and hence our Instagram mock up, we think that if he were to use the platform, not only will he showcase authentic the way he does for his media interviews, his haphazard, non-curated posting style makes him pretty much like any other “non-influencer” user out there. He will uploads his meal, daily stuff he does, what’s in his fridge… basically anything and everything.

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And oh, in case you’re wondering, it appears that he has really submitted his application for this Reserved Election for the Malay community.

Our Advice

If you’re a typical User yourself, here’s how you can up your game.

Instagram is a visual platform. People no longer wants to see instantly what you are doing live 24-7. We have Insta stories for that.

Of course, that is unless you are an actual celebrity.

Then you can just post a random picture of yourself holding a pineapple and still get 135,000 likes.

Editor’s note: Besides being a writer at Unscrambled.sg, the writer also happens to co-own social media agency Project 24 – in case you’re wondering what makes his two cents worth anything. 


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