Which type of Instagram Account is Farid Khan?

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TL;DR – We play social media guru.

With multi-millionaire and popular TV personality Donald Trump becoming the President Of The United State, and actor Dwayne Johnson or otherwise better known as The Rock expressing his interest to be the next POTUS, I would make a not-so-intelligent-guess that not every voter out there will vote based on who is best to run the country but probably based on who has a more familiar face or in social media speak, more influential in his or her own way.

While some say there is more than one way to skin a cat, we believe that there is more than one way to manage your social media account/s. In this series of posts, we share our humble take on the different types of social media accounts (and hence influencers) there are out there and which category we think the various Presidential hopefuls fall under.

(By the way, who died and make me a social media guru? Nobody haha but I guess running a social media consultancy might lend us some credibility. Give chance lah…)

So anyway, we came out with four common social media types for our four hopefuls, care to make a guess who’s who?

  • The Celebrity
  • The Real Influencer
  • The Brand and last but not least,
  • The User
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This post is part of the series Which type of Instagram influencer are our Singapore Presidential hopefuls? i.e. stay tuned for the rest of the posts.

*Disclaimer, Some of the posts you find in these articles do belongs to actual applicants while some are curated by the team for illustration purposes.

The Brand, Farid Khan


Farid Khan is the chairman of Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific, a leading offshore oil and gas marine provider in the region, and founder of Bumi Subsea, an undersea operation firm. He also sits on the [email protected] Steering Committee – an initiative supported by the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) that aims to grow awareness about jobs in the maritime industry.

In real life, Mr Khan has spoken several times on his wish to serve the nation. His biggest concern would be the growing threat of radicalism. He wants to work on the problem to strengthen the trust amongst people regardless of race and religion and calls himself a servant leader.  However, his company Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific reportedly has a shareholders’ equity value of US$300 million (S$413 million), which falls short of the S$500 million required to automatically qualify as an eligible candidate.

On Social Media, Mr Khan’s Social Media Presence is what we would term “The Brand”. Not only does he share about what he does on a daily basis (such as the weddings he attends) but he also puts in effort to create illustrations with quotes quoting erm, himself.

In a recent interview, Mr Khan also shared some of his hobbies such as table tennis, golf, visiting the wet market with his family as well as his love for Nasi Lemak.

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Our Advice

Mr Farid Khan is already doing pretty well branding himself on social media but as a presidential candidate, it might come across as a tad too polished and perhaps lacking in authenticity. I know we have seen graphics with quotable quotes of Mr. Lee Kwan Yew or other politicians on the Internet but I guess it’s one of those things that it is okay for others to do it for you but less okay to do it for yourself.

We have also observed that his Instagram account @faridkhansingapore comes across too much as a showreel of his media appearances and it would actually be better if he could use it to provide more insights as to who he is as a person – perhaps he could feature his favourite nasi lemak stall? This is the Presidential election, and Singaporeans are expected to vote for the best candidate for the job, and given that we’re less familiar with Mr Khan, we would advise that he shares more of his personality, his value system and more of his thoughts for the causes he will advocate for if he eventually becomes the nation’s 8th President.

Editor’s note: Besides being a writer at Unscrambled.sg, the writer also happens to co-own social media agency Project 24 – in case you’re wondering what makes his two cents worth anything. 

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