Tosh Zhang has got some words of wisdom for “Influencers”

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TL;DR – The real influencer has spoken. 

We might not have Batman here in Singapore but we sure got our favourite Ah-Boy-to-Man, Tosh Zhang.

Part 1. (Continued in next post) Music by @LineathRaj 🌪🎧🎤🌪

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In a two-part song/ rap that he uploaded to Instagram last night, the local singer/ actor shared his views about Instagram, peppered with advice for “young girls caught up in the fame”.

Part 2 (Continued from previous post) Music by @LineathRaj 🌪🎧🎤🌪

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For those of you who are not too into listening to him rap or because you really want to save your mobile data, I’ve taken the liberty to type out the lyrics for you. In his words, “Don’t just vibe to the beat, pay some god damn attention to the words I speak.”

Man it’s been a little while but I’ve come back in the booth

I had to come back & do my thing 4 the youth

‘Cos i see alotta young girls caught up in the fame

Tryna gain more followers on instagram and they

Don’t know the ins & outs of this messed up game

Lotta shady muthaf*ckas (we are a family orientated site, I just can’t type that word out you see) tryna get they way

Preyin’ on the underaged who might be a lil blur 

They take your photos & put ‘em up on Tumblr 

U don’t gotta make your figure public to be a public figure 

The market’s saturated everyone’s an influencer 

I guess what Andy (Warhol) said in ’68 was true 

In future everyone be famous damn it’s coming true 

I aint tryna hate on anyone tryna be great 

Everybody gotta work and put food on they plate

There are many ways to do it u can fake it till u make it

Or follow the blueprint of realness and ace it

Let’s face it, fame everybody wanna taste it

That’s why alto y’all get exploited 4 profit

Daniel Wellington be happy as can be

‘Cos for 1 free watch they’ll post 4 free

Gotta know your worth or you’ll be eaten 

Droppin’ some dimes 4 whoever’s upcomin’

And when u listen font’s just vibe to the beat

Pay some god damn attention to the words that I speak 

If I am not wrong, many of these lines actually reference to specific incidents that have happened in our local social media realm in recent months.

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For those who ain’t too familiar, let me try to break it down for you.

‘Cos i see alotta young girls caught up in the fame

Remember Faves Asia? Remember to smile ok.

Lotta shady muthaf*ckas tryna get they way

How about the recent SGInstababe saga where the founder had allegations of mistreatment and sexual harassment were made by several underaged members.

They take your photos & put ‘em up on Tumblr 

You might be wondering about this line cause Tumblr is so yesterday. Apparently not for a certain type of content. The type that the police have to step in.

There are many ways to do it u can fake it till u make it

This probably ain’t targeted at any specific recent incident but buying of likes and using of bots to fake it is not something unheard of. Here’s a good read about this topic.

Daniel Wellington be happy as can be

‘Cos for 1 free watch they’ll post 4 free

If you follow more than five Instagram accounts (both from Singapore and around the world), you’ll probably get this immediately. To date, the #danielwellington hashtag has generated more than 1.2 million posts on Instagram and the brand has become an international case study for having the perfect Instagram marketing strategy. Though having said that, it is not always about companies benefitting from this marketing strategy – if you take a look at some of the posts made by these influencers (and influencers-wannabes) on Instagram, be it for a Daniel Wellington watch or other sponsored products, the quality of the posts (and hence conversion) do not do any justice to the brands at all.

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Nobody died and make me the Simon Cowell of Singapore’s influencer scene but I guess sometimes it’s really not difficult to see who are those in it for the fame and freebies.

And it is a problem, especially with impressionable young girls at stake.

Though to be honest, what he raps about is definitely not something new. Such events have been happening from the beginning of time and “blogging” has since evolved so much over the decades. What used to be online diaries then sites for alternative insights on certain topics have now reached a stage where talent or skills almost doesn’t matter –

Many people are just doing things that they don’t care with talent they don’t have to impress people they don’t know and trying to gain the fame they don’t deserve.

Sad, but true.


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