Casio launched a limited edition NS50 G-Shock and guess who has one?!

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TL;DR – It has the NS50 logo on it. (Duh?)

Check out this limited edition G-Shock NS50 watch! Based on the popular GX-56BB, this piece is adorned with the iconic pixelised camouflage print on the combat uniform of the Singapore Armed Forces and launched to commemorate NS50, Singapore’s 50 years of National Service.

We managed to get a piece of it at $269 earlier this morning. From what we gathered, each retail store has no more than 12 pieces. The sale started at 10am and a queue was already forming as early as 9 am at Punggol Waterway Point where we got ours.

For those who didn’t manage to get your hands on it (yet), here are some pictures of the watch. Besides the NS50 logo, the watch also prints “Singapore”, which had us feeling quite proud when we spotted it.

A quick search on our favourite local marketplace (ahem, Carousell) shows that opportunists are already taking advantage of this watch despite Casio limiting to the sale to one piece per customer.

Prices range from $300 to $2,699.99 (Seriously?!)

For those who missed it and really, really, really need one,  I guess you know where to get one now.

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