Singaporeans show no chill over SGSecure app

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TL;DR – Perfect idea, not-so perfect execution 

The SGSecure initiative was launched last September. During the launch, PM Lee called on Singaporeans to safeguard our way of life and stand united in the fight against terrorism. He encouraged Singaporeans to play their part by being vigilant in deterring a terrorist attack. He also emphasised the importance of every individual knowing what to do when such an attack occurs. I am sure we are all familiar with the tagline “Not if, but when” with all the SGSecure posters around train stations and bus stops.

Along with this initiative, an app with the same name was launched. According to a report by Today, this app has been downloaded over 550,00 times. It’s quite an impressive number of downloads considering this app ain’t exactly fun like Angry Bird or trashy like Tinder.

We were recently alerted by our readers to check out the various feedback of the app on Google Play,

And on the App Store?

Not too sure if it is yet another act of Internet trolls doing their thing or it’s the truth over here. If it’s the latter, I think we should skip past the part of who started this idea “forced” downloading and simply put a stop to it. It’s actually more counterproductive if we are forcing citizens to do something instead of educating citizens about the importance of staying vigilant. After all, it is true that most Singaporeans are taking the peace we enjoy for granted.

Anyway, the winner goes to…

Sadly, Justin Bieber isn’t coming anymore.

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