The best of Singapore’s National Day songs

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With National Day just around the corner, it’s about time that we see our favourite NDP songs popping up on the Internet.

1. MICappella

This year, we have MICappella’s version of 《Evolution of NDP Songs》which covers pretty much some of the better (thanks Dick Lee!) National Day songs into one.

2. 53a

Another medley which was uploaded 3 years ago. This local band actually got to perform a National Day song officially in 2016. Hard work pays off I guess?

3.  StarHub

Not exactly a NDP song but this version of our National Anthem gets my hair standing every single time.

4. Singapore Polytechnic

In the spirit of #SG50, some of the immensely talented students from the Singapore Polytechnic Vocal Talents came together to present their birthday present to Singapore – a pitch-perfect a cappella mash-up of our favourite National Day songs. I wonder where are these kids now two years later.

5. Mr. Brown

This is from 8 years ago but still one of my favourite covers of all time. It’s so good that I don’t even remember the original version of this song anymore. When are we getting Mr.Brown to sing a National Day Parade song officially? If The Rock is indeed running for POTUS, I’m putting my vote on Mr Brown. #MrBrownForPresident

6. Dick Lee

Old but gold. I don’t mean Dick, I mean this video. With over a million views, I don’t think I need to say anything more.

7. Every Singaporean who can sing well

Rearranged in 2011, this well-loved Singaporean classic written by Dick Lee and first sung by Kit Chan got a new life with 39 local singers from different generations.

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8. The Sam Willows

A good effort by our local pop sensation as they try to take on the well-loved classic.


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