Churp Churp and Blogger Bongqiuqiu finally amicably settle court case

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TL;DR – Anyway, I guess it’s over. (Sing to the tune of Fool Again by Westlife)

There was an announcement posted on blogger Ang Chiew Ting (or better known as Bongqiuqiu)’s Instagram last night:

Full Statement –

Churp Churp and Blogger Bongqiuqiu amicably settle court case

Singapore, 19 July 2017

Social media advertising network Churp Churp and blogger Ang Chiew Ting popularly known as Bong Qiu Qiu, today announced that they have reached an amicable settlement in relation to a legal suit commenced by Churp Churp against Ms Ang.

Ms Ang has settled the matter with Churp Churp and in return, both parties have agreed to drop all legal proceedings made against each other.

Moving forward, both parties wish to put the matter behind them. Churp Churp and Ms Ang look forward to continually provide the best solutions and services for their clients. 

Another post some two hours later –

This is for @jawsure My dad, my sisters @fillet1703@eachlovechip @pearlang@pigpigrocks and my bff P.O.S @michsweets  Thank you to the relatives who helped out. Also to these angels:

You are tagged for different ways you’ve touched my heart and i thank you sincerely.. In one way or another, you have all shown me kindness and light ❤️ IG can only tag 20 ppl so sorry!

I thank the clients who believe in me and didn’t drop me + continue supporting me. Shoutout to @lzzieofficiel @elisalitz@carcoveleasing @laneigeSG#BiolaneSG #LorealParisSG@etudehousesingapore @canmakeSG@lieseSG @bioreSG #CurelSG #pursoft@ninefresh @fleawhere @mcdsg@mkupsingapore #KATETokyoSG just to to name a few

And a big THANK YOU to YOU, my readers. Thank you for the help and support

I’d also like to thank the new management at Nuffnang and Churp Churp Singapore.. IT WAS NEVER THE COMPANIES I WAS FIGHTING. Congratulations to Desmond Kiu the new CEO and your new team of highly experienced individuals. I have yet to meet you guys but i’m very impressed by how decisive, wise and efficient the new management team is. I might be free-agent now but i am happy to say i will gladly work with you guys if opportunity arises Lastly.. Thank you to my lawyer since March, @inkandrhymes Sharon, for being a kickass awesome lawyer who thinks for the best for me but more than that, thank you for being the lawyer with a heart, a very very kind heart but fights fearlessly. Now i thank you for being a friend who shares mummy-woes with me I could see a good wrap up today becox of people like you.. Will write my proper thank-yous in a blogpost.

Celebration picnic soon?

Amongst all the congratulatory messages found on the post which include brands like Etude House Singapore as well as Biore Singapore, was one from her own sister that might shed some light on this entire saga:

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Is it entirely coincidental that the saga finally ended after a change of management in Netccentric, the parent company of Churp Churp and Nuffnang?

One can only speculate.

Also, for those who remembered that Ang had taken it to crowdfunding to raise money for her legal fees, she has this to say:

For those who asked why i didn’t address and thank the people who helped with the crowdfunding, i actually did thanked everyone (including my family, friends, relatives and readers) for their “help and support”. I also stated i want to write a blogpost to properly thank everyone for everything. But since there are some “very concerned people” going “wonder how she will handle the money from the crowdfunding” here is how i HANDLED the money Crowdfunding amounted to a total of about $33k (this includes money from the crowdfunding site and money from family, friends, relatives). My legal fees since i receive the writ of summon 1 year ago amount to a total of about $150k. These are monies paid to the 6-7 different lawyers i went to in this period of time. Now after everything has ended, i am still $55k in debt. But i’ve closed the crowdfunding anyway becox i will work and pay off the $55k. At least this is a close-ended sum.

Thank you again everyone, for the help and support you rendered me to pull through this. I want to thank especially people who helped selflessly, big or small amount, you’ve helped me. I don’t have anything to offer back right now except to keep being me, keep sharing about my life and while doing that, i hope i’ve brought you some joy day-to-day Thank you again, to each and everyone who’d helped.. ❤️ Also taking a quick moment to thank @giveasia for this helpful platform. I don’t have much money to give and donate but i can ask people to take a look at the different crowdfunding going on at GIVE Asia right now. Isn’t it amazing people from all over the world could help someone else from across the world #ShareLoveThe world is becoming bigger but closer, becox of love and compassion ❤️ Thank you.

Whatever the case, congratulations to both parties that this is finally over.

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And also good news for potential clients because you can now contact Ms Ang directly for any upcoming projects with no management fees involved.


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