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TL;DR – When lobster meets beehoon.

We often talk about how our hawker trade face the risk of dying out and we should preserve it by encouraging young Singaporeans to join the trade.

Meet 34-year-old Desmond Pang, who left his teaching job in a secondary school to pursue his culinary dreams.

Located at a nondescript part of Newton Food Centre, his stall 新式 lobster & Seafood Bee Hoon which literally translates to new style beehoon is Desmond and his wife’s modern take on the traditional seafood beehoon.

We particularly like his newest creation which comes topped with torched Hokkaido cheese!

Cheese seafood noodles ($9.90)

When asked what made him leave his stable teaching job to be a hawker, Desmond explains,

Throughout my years of teaching, I have always been preaching and assuring my students that as long as they are willing to learn, persevere and step out of their comfort zones, they will be able to find a very unique success of their own. So despite the volatility and long hours, I too want to pursue my dreams and practise what I preach.

Here are some of his other dishes:

Crayfish Seafood Beehoon ($16 or $21)

Lobster Seafood Beehoon ($28)

Big Prawn Seafood Beehoon ($14)

Scallop Seafood Beehoon ($13)

Seafood Beehoon ($7.80)

You might want to note that the broth of every dish is different depending on the shellfish you choose. My personal favourite is the Scallop Seafood Beehoon which has a certain sweetness to it unique from the other dishes.

My dining companion, however, prefers the Lobster Seafood Beehoon because… lobster. While $28 for hawker fare might seem pricey, you’re actually paying for a whole lobster freshly imported from Vietnam – which is actually a pretty good deal after all.

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The seafood beehoon priced at $7.80 comes with five clams and three prawns which is really value for money. We also got to mention how the prawns are really sweet and fresh – the you’ll want to suck out all the chup from the head kinda fresh – with super crunchy, bouncy and firm flesh.

Xin Shi Delights
Newton Food Centre, Stall 58
500 Clemenceau Ave North
Singapore 229495

Opening hours: 5:30PM – 11:30PM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/XinShidelights


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