#RideTogether with UberPOOL – yea or nay?

By July 14, 2017Local Life

TL;DR – The more we get together, together, together…

Uber recently uploaded a video celebrating its first UberPOOL anniversary in Singapore.

While it’s a heartwarming video of people making friends on Uberpool, many netizens have pointed out that this is quite far from reality.

Like unicorns, some say they’re fake while some say they are rare.

Not too sure what’s the big deal about how “real” it is because we certainly dished out awards to movies such as Avatar and Life of Pi despite their “realness”.

Personally, I’m a big fan of private hire car services. In my personal opinion, they are much more convenient, and most of the time, cheaper, when compared to traditional taxis.

I guess one of the main reasons why people use UberPOOL despite the hostility from other passengers is simply because of its lower pricing. From personal experience, sometimes you can save as much as 50% off the standard UberX pricing. And yes, people on UberPOOL in Singapore are really much less friendly as compared to my experience in New York.

Maybe it’s time we share a smile to someone on the same ride as you?

Anyway, happy birthday UberPOOL and here’s the full video:

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