We tried McDonald’s new Nasi Lemak Burger and Chendol McFlurry and here’s what we think

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TL;DR – McDonald’s Boleh! 

In conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2017 and our upcoming National Day, McDonald’s has launched a brand new burger and McFlurry.

We went to McDonald’s with zero expectations and two very hungry bellies. I mean, how can it be Nasi Lemak when there is no ikan bilis, no peanut, and more importantly, NO NASI?

So what’s actually in there?

According to the information provided by McDonald’s, the burger consists of a coconut-flavoured chicken thigh patty, fried egg, caramelised onions and juicy cucumber with sweet and spicy sambal sauce served between two semolina buns.

Our verdict?

Unbelievably AMAZING! It tasted almost exactly like Nasi Lemak! How can this be happening? Nasi Lemak in a bun with no nasi AT ALL?!?!

This is totally messing with our minds!

It seriously got us thinking.

How long and how much R&D efforts went into this burger? Given that the burger is actually only available for a limited time, is it really worth all these effort? Will they actually sell enough burgers to break even on such projects or is it done simply for the sake to keep themselves on top of their competitors?

Moving on to the Chendol McFlurry, this dessert contains chendol jelly bits and gula melaka sauce with the good ol’ vanilla soft serve ice-cream. It’s a decent dessert to have although it’s not as mind-blowing as the Nasi Lemak burger.

The dessert kiosks also offer three types of chendol ice-cream cones – chendol melaka cone, chendol melaka twist and chendol melaka chococone.

More importantly, I’m just glad that we are finally done with the banana ice cream.

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Final Verdict?

Eat first, diet tomorrow. And may tomorrow never come.


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